November 22, 2018

God’s way in preparing David to enter the momentum of conquering Goliath and became the king of all Israel is very unique. By God’s sovereign hands, David had to enter a ‘bad’ period for most people. He has been rejected from the womb, removed from the middle of the family, and conditioned to experience death by giving two or three sheeps by his father as baits for bears and lions.

Even when Samuel had anointed him, David’s life did not immediately increased. David was still going on a process in God’s hand. He became a loyal servant and musician of King Saul, without any “ambition” to become king over Israel even though Samuel had anointed him. David did not make it an excuse for him to ‘rebel’ and take over the leadership. Rather, he kept to live sincerely and controlled by the Spirit (his spiritual position was changed – 1 Sam 16:13). David became someone who pleased Saul’s heart.

Actually, if Saul paid attention to the “promotion” of his servant that told about David, Saul could have appointed David more than just as a servant, but as one of the warriors he could rely on.

1 Samuel 16:18 (NKJV) Then one of the servants answered and said, “Look, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite, who is skillful in playing, a mighty man of valor, a man of war, prudent in speech, and a handsome person; and the Lord is with him.”

But again, by God’s sovereignty, Saul did not pay attention to this. Saul “used” David for only short-term benefits. But it doesn’t matters for David. He stayed sincere and respected Saul. Because it was not the time yet for God to promote him. He was still stored in God’s quiver.

From David’s process, many people do not want and do not like it when it happened in their lives. Many of them are frustrated, disappointed, desperate when rejected, and retire from the movement because they “do not get” their desired role. And when God says that they would be an influential person, many of them hurrily want to step into the promotion. Unlike David. He was enjoying his process and stay sincere; without revenge and ambition. He knew for sure who he is in God. So that he did not retire in the process of life that God set.

David’s heart attitude made God bring him to be united into the corporate agenda of Israel. God brought David into to the warfare against the Philistines. In the past David only fought alone against lions and bears, now David must had to fight together for the interests of the nation !! Of course, this is an honor and pride for David!! Unlike most believers today. They only want personal success. They prefer to fight lions and bears, rather than fighting for the interest of the Kingdom of Heaven by corporately. They feel that they “have done” God’s will when they fight alone. They’re keep struggling to unite themselves into corporate agenda. They couldn’t see that the calling to be united in corporate life (local church that is built accurately) is an honor and pride.

While it is actually the key and the gate to enter the glorious future with God. Because what God really wants is the function as one body of Christ.

When David fought against Goliath, he experienced victory. But at the same time, he also gave his life for the corporate life. He did that with a risk. But he knew for sure, when he gave his life, instead he took it back!! Because if we didn’t crucify ourselves from personal ambition, there will be no resurrection!! Corporate life will teach us how to die from sin, but live only for God. Yes, only when we unite ourselves this will happen. David knew for sure, his personal victory is a training ground for him to achieve corporate victory!! So, David became strong for the interests of the nation. He became an expert at fighting for the agenda of the nation. That’s David.

I realized that when I keep giving my all to build myself in God, it is not for my personal agenda but for corporate agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven. Everything we do is only for corporate interests. I am sure, that attitude would position us to be united into the corporate life. Holding the individualistic life would definitely make us out of corporate life. But giving our lives for corporate interests will make us rise together as one body and conquers Goliath in every domain. #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus