November 22, 2019

Our daily lives are never disconnected from the aspect of influence and to be influencing. There are a lot of individuals, news, events and any other kinds of interactions than happen in our lives that role as “the aspect of influencing” which influences our lives; and usually, what has already influenced our lives, we will also transmit (influence) others whom we interact with.


Through the aspect of influence and to be influencing, both God and Devil keep trying to spread the influence in people’s lives. One of the greatest steps which Devil has in order to spread his bad influence is because most men are still living in sins, controlled by self and still have inclination of heart that love of self, world and money. Therefore it is so easy for the Devil uses worry or fear to influence those people to do any inaccurate things!


I’m sure, all the corruptors really understand that their action to do corruption is breaking the truth! But with an excuse if I don’t do that, I won’t be rich easily and I won’t be able to prosper my family. They kill their conscience which speaks, remarks and reminds their wrong doings!


It sounds a little bit ridiculous because the believers who are supposed to live in righteousness, it turns out they are not completely experiencing the change of inclination of heart! They are Christian but they still love the world, themselves and money! So these believers, instead of giving up themselves to God as the instruments of righteousness but ruining the God’s image in their lives by keep living inaccurately!


For all this time, I’ve been praying for this; and when I was praying, Holy Spirit gave me His word: I am raising up different believer! The world pattern will not be found in their lives anymore; the work of the word and Spirit keeps working very strongly in their lives and I am constantly remolding their lives to be more aligned with My Word!


They are believers who keep aligning their hearts to My righteousness; they keep pushing into My presence to always experience the dynamic of My Spirit in their lives. They have given an open access to Me releasing the Word and Spirit in their lives and experience life changes!


Through believer’s lives who keep chasing My reality, I will reveal Myself to influence and change many more people whom interact with them!


The source of the problems in this world is people, the only solution to this world is the rising of different people!


And I hear God is conforming: Be different people! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus