November 23, 2019

This morning in my prayer I saw a vision, there was someone tired and wounded, he was soaking himself in a pool with calm water. After sometimes, his power was recharged. He got refreshed. His wounds got recovered. Not only that, the stillness and the freshness of the water made him become peaceful and joyful.


Then Holy Spirit explained, the water decribes about the work of the Spirit and Word. The pool itself talks about the reality of God’s presence. That is the true habitat of the believers. Only in His reality we experience the power of the work of the Spirit and Word.


There are series of events in our lives which probably make us experience trauma, hurt, filled by various of the raging of negative emotion that make us tired physically and mentally.


We must realize, that it’s becase the enemy succeeds to bring us “out of the enclosure of His reality”. The enemy gives bad and negative thoughts which with unwareness we ponder it consistently. God does not want it keeps happening. He wants us to keep staying in His presence.


So, we need to remind ourselves to go back in the surrounding of His reality. Never seek other options to recharge yourself and restore your heart. His reality is the only place for us to got restored. There we will get tranquility that surpasses all understanding and everlasting joy.


Take a decision to spend our times in prayer and devotion. Then tarry in surrounding of His presence. Relish His touch of love and Word. Let it saturate in our hearts and bodies. Because it is the only way to create our spiritual frequency to ge aligned to His throne. So His word and will which always be heard and flamed in our hearts. Therefore, we will return to walk in God’s ways.


The effort of the world to separate us from the love of God through various bad events must totally be failed. We come out as CONQUERORS! Because we have decided to do what is right, that is ENTER INTO HIS REALITY OF HIS PRESENCE! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus