November 24, 2018

Many people desire a permanent life transformation. But how many of them become disappointed in the end because they couldn’t achieve it?

Firstly, we must realize the essence of transforming our lives: renewing our mindset and forming new habits!

From the two foundational essence, forming new habits could become the easiest and the hardest thing to do at the same time.

For example, we want to be transformed into an educated person with broad insight. To reach it, we need a series of heart attitude to build: willingness to learn, openness towards criticism, willingness to invest time and money to acquire information and understanding, etc. But again, the essence is to renew our way of thinking and to form new habits! Without a new habit – reading in this case – there will be no progress! Everything will stay as a dream.

1. Set the aspects of life we want to have progress in for the next month or two

Failure in setting the target for our transformation will make us ‘circle’ in the routine we’ve had so far. Automatically, it will only make us ‘swallow the pill of disappointment’ again and again – because we won’t have any real progress!

a. Learn to recognize the destiny (life purpose) that God has set for us. Recognize the type of function we must ‘play’ in His Kingdom agenda in the future.

b. Learn to recognize the type of skills and potentials we need to function well in that Kingdom agenda.

c. Make the skills and potentials we need (but don’t have yet) as targets for our progress.

d. Evaluate regularly. Even the smallest progress can be recognized.

e. Do some ‘self-motivation’ to make sure that we reach our target.

2. Recognize the types of routine/activities that will condition us to progress in the aspect(s) we’ve targeted

For example, we find that to reach our destiny in His Kingdom, we need the ability to relate well with many people. Meanwhile, we are very closed and shy. So, we must build our ability to communicate. We also need a healthy sense of confidence to communicate with all kinds of people, a warm and attractive personality, and many other standards to be built in our lives.

We need to build new habits to develop our ability to communicate. Slowly but surely, the ability will surely grow.

For example, we need to start building the habit of greeting others. It may be very burdensome at first, and making our heart race even. But if we continue to do so, we will become used to it – we’ll no longer feel fearful/nervous.

From the new habits we form, new abilities and potentials will grow. Do this in perseverance, and our life will transform. Our life quality will increase, and we will reach a superior level of life! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus