November 24, 2021

In serving God, a priest has a fixed schedule each day. Every morning there is a routine that is done. He will start by cleaning the lampstand in the holy place of God, because he must make sure there is enough oil for the lamp to be fully lit, then he must also clean the dirt on the lamp wick, and so on.


The lampstand is a symbol of the personal presence of the Holy Spirit, indicating that we need the fire of the Holy Spirit to continue to ignite and burn in our lives. That’s why we must awaken our spiritual man every morning, cleanse our minds and emotions by starting to pray in tongues profusely before we start the activities of the whole day. Ensuring that the fire of the Spirit within us stirs and burns strongly and brings the level of the fullness of the Holy Spirit continues to grow, so that the reality of God always grips our minds and hearts.


There is nothing wrong if every day, especially before our activities in the morning, we ask the Holy Spirit to adjust the inclination of our hearts to turn back to the truth. Because it may be because of situations, interactions with people or various interactions with the spirit dimension, causing the direction of our hearts and minds to shift. So, when the Holy Spirit searches the mind, it will reveal the true condition of our hearts. That’s when we can immediately ‘repent’ and return to doing what is right. Ask the Holy Spirit to clean the atmosphere of our lives and ensure the flames of His Spirit are rekindled in our hearts.


Once again, His Spirit confirms: What we need to do is focus on what is eternal, namely the reality of God’s presence and the kingdom of heaven that speaks of righteousness, peace, and divine joy.


Returning to the discussion of the duties of the priests, the next activity after cleaning the lampstand is to replace the old bread with new bread on the display table, which is an image or symbol of God’s Word.


The Word firmly says: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). This means that every day we need the word to come into our lives. It’s been a long time, but we need the work of the Word that continues to be progressive and renew our lives from day to day. Make sure the work of the Word works strongly! Don’t stop reading and speaking the Word until His Word really becomes the rhema that touches our lives.


This message will continue tomorrow.



Ps. Steven Agustinus


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