November 25, 2018

We truly need perseverance when forming new habits. But when formed, they will condition us to be transformed permanently.

That’s why the principle of the secret of the Heavenly Kingdom is true: If we ‘have’, to us will be given more, but if we ‘don’t have’ what we have (including what we think we have) will be taken away for us (Mat 13:11-12).

1. A spiritual father’s role is to make sure that all their spiritual children ‘have’ every spiritual dimension they need to grow in God

This is done through word preaching, prayer, impartation, prophesying, etc. A spiritual father will make sure that their spiritual children ‘have’ everything they need to keep growing in Him.

For the spiritual children, at minimum they must learn to open their hearts to be inspired by their spiritual father’s life. Through it, they have the starting capital to grow and develop.

2. The power of prayer will condition the people we pray for to experience the work of the word of the Spirit, so they will ‘have’ something to start growing and break through

This is why it is important for leaders to pray for those under their guidance; just like parents praying for their children.

Everyone should be aware that prayer is still very powerful. And if everyone prays for their loved ones, I believe that the Body of Christ will experience a great spiritual breakthrough evenly!

While writing the above devotion, I feel Holy Spirit implanting an impression in my heart:

The more people understand about the essence of the secret of the Heavenly Kingdom, the Body of Christ will experience more progress and breakthrough.

I also saw a spiritual vision:

There are certain servants of God who truly live in the throne room. They are united and connected directly with the Father’s heart. And they open themselves to ‘share’ what they have to other servants of God and church members who ‘don’t have’.

I saw a crowd flocking around the servants of God. In turn, they lay hands and pray for the crowd. One by one, those who are being prayed for receive ‘something’ in their hands. They received a ‘divine seed’ that they could use as their ‘starting capital’ for progress and breakthrough.

For some, the ‘seed’ comes in the form of an ‘influence’, ‘urge’, or ‘motivation’. For others, they receive an ‘understanding’, ‘plan’, or ‘enthusiasm’.

What’s for sure, the crowd starts to ‘have’! And they will experience the work of the word & Spirit conditioning them to receive more and more from God.

My prayer is for you to keep receiving the power of impartation. Keep moving forward! My prayers are with you! God bless you! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus