November 26, 2018

I kept meditating on the Spirit revelation that I received when writing yesterday’s Daily Devotion. It brings me to realize more and more about the importance of impartation for New Creations. At the same time, I ponder on how often believers waste the Spirit impartation they have received.

1. Through Spirit impartation, believers will ‘have’/’receive’ the various spiritual dimensions which will condition them to ‘have much more’ (of heavenly things)

For so long, many believers are struggling just to grow and progress in God. If we refer to the secret of the Kingdom of Heaven, we should struggle no more! Because if we ‘have’, God will automatically keep ‘adding’ into our lives.

The actual reason why many believers keep struggling is because they ‘don’t have’. As a result, what they think they have is also taken away slowly from them.

During ministry, leaders/spiritual fathers who are connected to heaven will naturally impart what God has built in their lives. They impart what they ‘have’ into the congregation so they could start to ‘have’. This is the congregation’s starting capital to experience more work of the word and Spirit; from it, they will be conditioned to grow and progress.

In other words, the connection between a congregation and their leader/spiritual father is vital. Through it, believers could enjoy spiritual waves coming from the leader’s life. They could be carried towards the life that God has set for them.

2. Spiritual impartation could be released through prayers, laying of hands, prophecies, or word preaching

This is the essence we must understand: every servant of God who minister must make sure that they ‘have’ something to be shared.

That’s why every time a servant of God will minister, they must prepare in the presence of God. They must make sure that they receive something from God before they could ‘share’ it to the people.

Corinthians 11:23a (NASBFor I received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you..

Without ‘receiving something’ from God, whatever we do in ministry becomes vain. If we ‘don’t have’, what could we ‘give’ to the people?

A servant of God should ‘receive much’ from God. Then, they must build what they have ‘received’ into their life. Only then they could impart what they ‘have’ during ministry, whether through prophecies, preaching, teaching, worship, etc.

When God’s people open themselves to receive the ministry of His servant, spiritual impartation will take place in an instant. That’s the time when the people will start to ‘have’. And because the people ‘have’, God will automatically ‘keep giving until abundance’. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus