November 27, 2019

I felt in the spirit this morning, there is a hand of God’s mercy that lifts His people up in a victorious position. The shout of praise, joy, peace that exceeds all understanding fills and overflows from within the hearts of His people. So the unshakeable conviction that everything is safe in the control of God’s hands, is built in our lives. No event, condition, and people can separate us from the Christ’s love. Therefore, God’s plan for us in order to finish the Kingdom’s agenda cannot be failed, but certainly fulfilled.


The spirit affirmed me to guard the spirit of victory and the atmosphere of divine joy. Keep doing it in our daily lives. Make it deeper and hold it stronger. Always remember the moments of God’s touch. Focus on it while diligently declaring the word and the impression received. Then ponder each word and the work of the Spirit that is flowing. Seek for the verses which relate to that matter. Explore more (meditate many times by giving questions to Holy Spirit). Write and declare every explanation that Holy Spirit has given until our spirit be blaze even stronger.


Consistency in doing the things above will make us to always think the things from Spirit. Whatever the things that are true and constructive must to become our contemplation (Philippians 4:8). Therefore we can always be built according divine pattern. Becoming God’s tabernacle who functions to flow THE LIFE which swallows up all death upon this world (Revelation 21).


The Spirit affirmed that the world always wants to make us a RUBBISH BIN. The world wants us to keep pondering people’s mistakes, conflicts, remembering bitter events (dispute, disappointment, heartache) and all other negative things. That’s what makes us grow into an incomplete person! Instead of being a peacemaker, but being the one who transmits the bitterness of life.


The old times have passed away and the new has come. It’s the time for our lives are filled with truth, peace and joy. Our lives always become God’s pleasure and peacemakers wherever we are. There are no more problems in this life, because we have been molded according to the truth and no longer carrying wounds. The life that full of struggles is over. The loving hand of God lifts us up as victorious people in all aspects. We live in eternal joy and the shout of victory!! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus