November 28, 2018

This morning, I woke up feeling a parent’s aching heart because of their children. I woke up after receiving a dream. In the dream, I met a husband and wife – servants of God – who’ve been separated for long. I found that they are preparing to move out. I could clearly see the sadness – and almost hopelessness – within the wife. When I asked if there is anything I could do to help, the husband started telling their story.

In the dream, I could not clearly hear everything the husband says. I could only hear, “Help! My children are detained by the police because they are involved with drugs!” At that moment, I woke up with the feeling. I woke up carrying the sadness – and almost hopelessness – that every parent will surely feel if they find that the children they love & teach since little are snared by drugs!

When I bring the dream in my prayers, I heard Holy Spirit revealing something to me:

“For every parent who keeps praying for their children before Me, I will make sure to give them authority over their children’s life!”

1. To have authority over our children, we must become praying parents

I often don’t realize that I have this understanding: as a parent, it is normal for me to have authority over my children – because I’m their parent!

However, from the Spirit revelation, I truly realize that there is a requirement for me to truly have authority over my children. I must become a parent who diligently and perseveringly pray for my children! Only then, when I advise, rebuke, and direct my children, they’ll receive my words and even treasure my commandments in their heart (Prov 2:1).

By bringing my children into God’s presence through prayers, I could make sure that God Himself also educates them! God will plan all events and situations to educate, mature, and direct them to live an accurate life that pleases His heart.

2. It’s never too late to start praying for our children

Probably right now as parents, we have ‘lost control’ over our children. Regardless of all, start praying for them!

Pray to such an extent not for God to hear us, but pray until we could hear His word! Remember that God always watches and listens to us; we are the ones who often don’t listen to His instructions. He is a good Father; He always wants to be involved in our everyday life. He wants to align the inaccurate things, and strengthen the accurate things that we have lived in.

Align our life’s frequency with the frequency of heaven, and listen to the Father’s voice. Realign our lives with His grand plan, and follow His Spirit’s guidance.

He is bringing us to merge with a spiritual house/family. There, we will find the divine pattern that will condition us to be perfect – to become the person the Father has designed us to be!

And God won’t only transform your life. He will also transform your family and those who interact with you! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus