November 29, 2018

These days, the story of Daniel keeps going in my mind; how he had three prayer times each day. Daniel is not unemployed. But his prayer life between his busy life has made the king and all officials know about Daniel’s lifestyle.

He kept doing this from the time of the king Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius and Cyrus. In the time of King Darius this matter was considered an issue. Which made him get thrown to the lion’s den, but God delivered Daniel, and God made his political opponents received condemnation from King Darius who loved Daniel.

I learned some spiritual lessons from Daniel’s prayer life:

1. Daniel’s prayer life is a source of wisdom and knowledge for him to carry out all the tasks that are his responsibility in the government.

2. Daniel was a very busy man, but he still prayed 3 times a day. I am sure this is not a short prayer. In one prayer, it might take a long time. Because I believe that he was not just praying, he prayed until God spoke! Finally, people know Daniel as a prayer. But that lifestyle actually made Daniel became effectively in his work and produced maximum results that made the kings love him.

3. Through prayer, Daniel was connecting himself to the sovereign God. There are many political situations and conditions that Daniel faced that is very threatening to his life. But by God’s sovereign hands, Daniel always experiences God’s protection.

4. By prayer, Daniel was declaring The God that he worships is a living God. He is God above all gods, and His Kingdom is eternal!

5. When Daniel prayed, he was connecting himself with the dimension of the divinity of God that makes all the secrets of both present and future can be revealed by God to him.

6. The prayer life that Daniel built diligently made him receive authority and a spiritual position that rule and reign in the spirit realm and in the natural realm. So that even the kings submit to Daniel!

7. Daniel is an example of reputable, respected and influential person. His position made him able to arrange his prayer times for three times a day. And the kings gave Daniel that time. The more influential, the more time you have for God! The more respected, the more you are available for God! We must take this as an example!

8. I believe, the prayer life that we build diligently would be the solutions for the nations problems. All this time, the life of prayer has become a “mockery” because many of the prayers were not optimal in their work. But I am sure, when we pray correctly, we are connected with His sovereignty that is able to do anything for the nations !! The true life of prayer will be needed today and in the future.

9. Our prayer times are hours of training to train our mouth to rule and reign in the natural world. We attract everything in the spirit realm to manifest in the natural world. What’s impossible becomes possible, what doesn’t exist becomes available.

Let the prayer warriors be born and fully equipped by the Holy Spirit to determine the future of Indonesia and the nations! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus