November 3, 2019

This message is the continuation of yesterday’s message


3. God brings us to live our daily lives in the stature that is victorious, authoritative and powerful


 They who keep experiencing the revelation of the Word and Spirit – growing up in the knowledge of God – are being taken by God to live their everyday lives in different stature!


This is what makes believer’s daily lives become God’s instruments of righteousness that He uses powerfully! ‘The ‘ordinary’ remarks or actions which is everybody can do that – because we have different stature, ‘ordinary thing’ will give extraordinary impact!


Everybody could have a rod and lift it up high; but nothing happens. But when Moses was before the Red Sea and lifted up the rod in his hand, the sea was divided (Exodus 14:15-30). It also happened to Elijah, the Bible stated he was a human being like us. Not every believer can pray and declare the ‘sky is covered’ and when he prays again, the sky is ‘back to open’ and pours the rain down!


What distinguishes Moses, Elijah and many other heroes of faith with us is the stature that they have before God! They have ‘met and seen God’ and they have experienced the change of being like Him – God brings them to live just as if God Himself who lived and walked, doing activities on this earth (1 John 3:2)


There is stature that is victorious, authoritative and powerful that God has actually provided for every believer! It’s not right if believer keep experiencing struggle, intimidation, or discouraged in their daily lives! God has provided a life that is different and privileged – victorious in all aspects and situations; full of authority and the kingdom power so that even just speaking the words, everything will be done!


Realize it, when we were new born, God called us as His sons, as King’s children. But while we keep growing up in the knowledge of God, actually we also grow in our being and identity: He set us to be kings in this life! (Psalm 2:6, John 1:12, Romans 5:17). As kings – having a stature that is authoritative and powerful – it is normal things for every word we speak or declare to always be done!


In this life, we have natures from the King! Like Father like son – like our Father created by just speaking, then as His children, is is normal for us to inherit the same nature! Together with our Father, we sit on the throne and rule this earth by manifesting the power or authority of the Kingdom!


Keep experiencing the work of the Word and Spirit and in the growth of the knowledge of God! Enjoy the privileges that Father has provided for us as His children whom He has set as kings in this life! Hallelujah!!! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus