November 30, 2018

I learned that it would be easy for us to be tempted or to go back to our old lives if we don’t give any effort to build DIVINE STANDARDS in living our lives as new creations.

Anyway, our present life is actually a result of the accumulated old habits that we had. The habits that we have will determine the progress that we will achieve. If our habits are negative, it will definitely produce inaccurate lives. If our habits are positive and constructive, it will certainly produce quality lives, having the divine standard of life.

As new creations, we need the Holy Spirit to be involved in our daily lives. The Holy Spirit will guide us to live IN THE SPIRIT and LED BY THE SPIRIT. By living in the Spirit, we would discipline ourselves to attack every work of the enemy in our lives (Gal 5:16): it is our old human habits that is inaccurate. If we don’t make any effort to get rid of that old habit, we will keep living in struggles. Because there would always be a struggle between the life of the spirit and the work of the flesh (Gal 5: 16-17). That struggle will end when we live in the Spirit!

As a new creation, we must also learn to give ourselves to be guided by His Spirit to the destination (Gal 5:18) like an animal that is guided by its master to a destination. His guidance will continue to pull us and push us into the path of God, there are instructions that will come to teach us, to build new habits in our lives. Learn to follow the instructions and encouragement given by the Spirit, both through His anointing that teaches us or through the direction and teaching given by the spiritual Father.

By having divine standards, we will have a BAROMETER or a clear benchmark, to measure the growth of our human spirit. Ensuring we grow healthier in the reality of His presence. Our spiritual life will no longer be like a “submarine”, sometimes going up, sometimes going down. As righteous man, we are determined by God to keep on rising and shining ever brighter unto the perfect day! (Proverbs 4:18)

The following are divine standards that need to be built as new creations:

1. The tendency of the heart that is fully focused on the truth. (Gal 5:17)

Without having a heart’s tendency to the truth, our hearts would certainly tend to pursue the things that are in vain. This tendency of our hearts has a KEY POSITION in our lives, it functions like a STEERING WHEEL which will direct our lives in certain directions. It will also function like COMPASS which will guide our lives towards the truth, make us to always reach out and want to do what is right.

In order for us to not get lost in the midst of a variety of world that have been ruled by the world system and the trickery of the devil, we really need a clear standard to direct our lives always in line in the Way of God. Have the tendency of heart towards on the truth. We would have this heart when we start to have the habit of devoting ourselves in the teachings of the spiritual father, re-listen to the sermon and write in points, until the frequency of our hearts is harmonized. Slow but sure the tendency of our hearts will begin to shift, from being focused on things in vain, will lean towards the truth!

2. Always experience the work of the Word and the Spirit in daily life (Gal 5:18)

I realize, every day we will meet many kinds of people and situations. Without experiencing the flames of the Spirit that keeps on burning in our hearts, we will easily experience spiritual leak. Like a broken glass, it cannot hold water.

The same way applies to our lives if we have a leaking life, we cannot accommodate/receive life. As a result, our spiritual life become increasingly dry and lukewarm. This can only be overcome by building new habits to devote ourselves in the Word, speaking and imagining the word until our spirit people are burning. Practicing to declare the Word once every hour, and praying for the people we meet.

What’s also important are, to come to the Sunday Worship and Prayer Group because there’s where the flame of our brothers and sisters gather into one great fire of the spirit, that is corporate anointing! The principle is, we should have the tendency to always get closer to the flame of the Spirit, so that we will always be burning in the Spirit by Him. # ILoveGod

This message will continue tomorrow …

Ps. Steven Agustinus