November 4, 2018

If a person keeps struggling in God, it shows that their old and new self is battling (Romans 5:19). On one side, they want to live according to the word, but on the other side, their mind is unrenewed, and their emotions is unstable. They are still easily lured and tempted by desires and lusts. That’s why their life is not peaceful, because they have all kinds of struggle inside.

Truly, this struggle could only be stopped by setting our minds. For the source of the struggle is in the spirit of our mind (Eph 4:23). In the spirit of our mind, the nature of our old self lingers. So, to live as new creations, our mind must be RECONFIGURED, and once so, it must be GUARDED (MAINTAINED) (Prov 4:23).

We must renew our minds in perseverance. Because in our daily life, there will be many incidents, situations, and interactions with others. And if we don’t respond accurately, they will drag us back into our old, natural, and worldly life (which is filled with inner conflict).

When our mind is SUCCESSFULLY SET according to the word, we will witness our life will becoming more and more ALIGNED with the word. Now we can overcome things that were irritating to us. And now, God could lift us higher than the problems and challenges we face.

Word after word we receive must not stop as an information. Every word we receive must function as directions and boundaries in our life. That’s the way to live a life full of victories and breakthroughs. Because if we receive the word merely as an information, its impact is as far as receiving any other information – it will enter one ear to leave the other.

IF WE IGNORE THE WORD, WE WILL SURELY LIVE FROM BREAD ALONE (Mat 4:4). As a result, our lives revert to its natural state. We rely again on the power of self, money, and others. Slowly but surely, we live life as our old self.

There is no other alternative. To live as new creations, we must live from His word. I find that the proceeding word from our spiritual father is sourced from The Father, revealed by the Holy Spirit. Receive the word and treasure the commandments of our spiritual father (Prov 2). It will mold us the way Holy Spirit has molded them. We will always have a clear STANDARD on how we should build our life according to the word.

By having a standard, we could MEASURE OURSELF on how much we have walked. Meanwhile, those who don’t have a standard will tend to live on their own terms (according to what they think is right). Meanwhile, what we think is right might not be right before God!

When our mind has been successfully configured by the word, we will start to have the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ will make us selfless – we will be guided to enter a corporate life. Because that’s the nature of Christ Himself! Through His sacrifice, He saved mankind when we were still sinners (Rm 5:8), carrying us to become new creations (2 Cor 5:17). From the restoration of one man, He carries restoration and healing for others (Rm 5:17-19).

To bring restoration upon others, God firstly pours out His divine love to us. It helps us as new creations to merge and interact with others. Without divine love, it will be difficult for us to interact with our neighbors (1 Cor 13:4-8, Indonesian Simple Translation), which results in many friction and wounds. With His love, we could become patient, strong, mature, and wise. His love enables us to merge into corporate life. We could help each other to grow together in Christ.

When we have His love, we won’t enjoy our God-given victory just for ourselves. Because God wants us to share our victory so others could have theirs. The divine pattern built in our lives could be built into others. The breakthrough we receive could become the breakthrough others receive. This will keep going until divine life spreads far and wide for the restoration of all things! Amen! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus