November 5, 2018

There are many Bible verses that emphasize a phenomenon: we’ve been born again as a new creation, but in reality, we keep living as our old self:

~ Rom 6:1-14
~ Rom 7:17-25
~ Rom 12:1-3
~ Eph 4:17-32
Col 3:5-10
~ 1 Cor 3:1-4
~ 2 Tim 3:1-5
Jam 4:1-4
~ 1 Pet 1:14-16; 2:1-2

There is a reason why our old self could still manifest even after new birth. It’s because many believers don’t devote themselves in the apostles’ teaching afterwards (Acts 2:42).

Always remember: after becoming new creations, all believers must quickly rebuild the spirit of their mind by the word.

How could we do it? By receiving the word delivered by a spiritual father! Then, we need to connect the word to our daily life, and imagine the word being fulfilled. Finally, declare the word until our spirit is stirred ablaze!

There are two main problems that every believer must address before they could truly live as a new creation:

1. The aspect of perseverance in rebuilding the spirit of our mind

The unrenewed mind (that still carries this world’s pattern) is an ‘open door’ for worldly spirits. They could still talk and influence our daily decision-making. The worldly spirits will keep conditioning us to prioritize SELF (self-interest, ambitions, and desires).

That’s why Paul emphasized that we must reset our mind with the understanding contained in Romans 6:11.

Truly, our old self has died with Christ! And now, we live the life of Christ that must be used for the Father’s desires and interest alone!

a. Every word we receive must be taken as a SPIRITUAL FOOD

We must develop our interest to the word we receive. Do so by connecting the word with our daily life. When we do so, the word truly becomes food for our inner man.

Our mind will also function like a sponge that absorbs word principles being sown (1 Cor 3:2).

b. Every word we receive must be taken as a SPIRITUAL WEAPON

Worldly spirits will keep talking to our unrenewed mind, trying to influence our decision-making to ‘revive’ our old self. That’s why: beware when ‘urges/excuses’ pop in our mind, especially if they are ‘talking’ and ‘leading’ us to compromise the written word. Quickly fight back with the word! Use God’s word as a sword when the Devil lures us to compromise the truth!

c. Every word we receive must be taken as a SPIRITUAL STANDARD

God wants us to build ourselves as His temple. Meaning, there are blueprint and standards we must follow in detail!

This is where the role of a spiritual father becomes vital. They are living examples for the congregation. They could show how to build God’s word in ourselves according to the divine blueprint/pattern (1 Cor 4:15-17, Heb 13:7-8)#iLoveGod

This message will continue tomorrow

Ps. Steven Agustinus