November 5, 2021

This message is a continuation of yesterday’s message.


We are talking about the prayer life that must be built in the lives of believers in order to become God’s partners in the outpouring of the Spirit in these last days.


a) By praying, we are continuously emptying ourselves of various forms of SELF, HUMANITY and WORLDLINESS.


b) By praying, we are working the qualities of our heart into good ground for His Word to grow and bear fruit (Matthew 13:23).


c) By praying, we become a person who more easily conquers various negative emotions in our hearts.


d) By praying, we become gentle, shapeable, teachable and willing to change.


The quality of a person’s prayer life also influences the process of forming and changing the life he has in God. He will be a gentle person, easy to shape, easy to teach and willing to change.


A person who lives in the dimension of prayer is the same as someone who is constantly walking with God. And no one who keeps associating with God, still has a hard heart or foolishness in his life!


The more a person associates or interacts with God, the more he will be changed or transformed to become more like God’s own existence. His divinity becomes manifest in our daily lives!


e) By praying, we will more easily accept the heart and the Father’s plan for our lives.


Realize that God brought us to be born on this earth with a specific purpose. There is a divine purpose that God has set for our lives. But often human desires make us walk according to our own paths, which makes our life inaccurate and has to face various consequences that lead to various problems and difficulties in life.


In His will, He will bring our lives to inherit divine passion and begin to recognize our calling to the field of work that He has blessed and guide our lives in His plan, so that our work becomes our field of ministry as well.


Let the dimension of prayer life in our lives continue to be built intensively and enjoy its impact in daily life. Let there always be thirst and hunger for the reality of God in our hearts. We are determined not to cease praying, worshiping or reading the Word until the reality of God’s touch occurs in our lives.


God is raising up a different generation, one that loves Him more than anyone and under all circumstances! The quality of the attitude of the heart and relationship like this will make us continue to persevere in speaking His Word and live as prayers and worshipers. Thus, we can continue to see God’s purpose and His plan in our lives that is impossible to fail!!


This is what will make us appear as carriers of God’s reality for the presence of the kingdom of heaven – the reality of Zion who will restore all things on earth.


Let it be done in the name of Christ Jesus! Amen!




Ps. Steven Agustinus


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