October 1, 2021

Double decade of open heaven, talking about divine things that the Father provides for His people, not about external things.


When we hear God’s voice (the prophecy conveyed by Dr. Jonathan David) that ‘the heaven will be opened to His people for two decades’ (2020-2040), often our understanding is ‘linked’ with external ‘accomplishment’. Just as God blesses with property (assets houses, cars, etc.), then has a lot of money, and all other needs are fulfilled. It’s not wrong to think that way, but it’s really not the essence. For they are only mortal and quickly perishable. So, God wants us to start focusing on things that are eternal, imperishable!


Here are some understandings of the ‘open heaven’ for His people:


1. It speaks of an outpouring of the work of the Spirit and the Word with a stronger degree, to cleanse and sanctify the hearts of God’s people so that they return to the truth.


All forms of self-love, love of money, and love of the world are totally cleansed! So that His people can see and know Him and His plans. It also certainly raises the spiritual position to move more strongly in the prophetic dimension. Thus, there are many manifestations of the Spirit and also prayers that will have a great impact, not only for the surrounding environment but for a nation. We no longer move humanly, but divinely and miraculously! (Ezekiel 1:1-28).


2. The open heaven also speaks of the Father’s favor and the mandate that the Father has given us His children (Matthew 3:15-17).


So that all our movements on this earth can be realized legally and accompanied by God. It will be very frightening to the work of the enemy, for they know us as they know Jesus. Our spiritual position as believers will be very powerful and commanding. All wonderful and great things will happen once again on this earth more than what Jesus ever did. The authority of the King will be very real and what we say will always be perfectly realized!


3. The open heaven also speaks of the way of the death of the flesh, the surrender of rights, and the attitude of a heart that does not love one’s own life (Acts 7:54-60).


This path will be highlighted by God to draw our attention from the ways of this world. God was very interested and ‘honored’ for the people who were on that path. They will never be touched by death, in fact they will be fetched and welcomed like brave warriors of faith. For such people, God’s favor is far more valuable and satisfying than anything else, so they will do anything for His kingdom’s agenda to be fulfilled on this earth.


4. The open heaven also talks about the work of the Spirit and the Word that will dismantle the concept of religious thoughts, high things, and various beliefs of this world that are still entrenched in us as believers.


Specifically, God will work in the lives of the leaders first, He will make sure the leaders are aligned with the ultimate truth (Acts 10:1-48). But firmly the Spirit said: In this case there is a grace period that I have set, if they refuse to be aligned, then I will move directly to My people to save them from the teaching that comes from the spirit of the antichrist.


When the great ‘migration’ will take place, those who love God will migrate to His divinity. Even though they have to go through ‘fire and river’, they will still do it for the sake of ‘pursuing’ God. They will not be swept away or burned because their hearts love the truth!


From the four things above, I understand more and more that the open heaven in two decades speaks of divine things that will never be shaken, and which will keep us from being shaken in the midst of a world that will continue to shake! Amen! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus



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