October 11, 2019

For the whole day today, I felt a burning desire for the Lord in my heart. When I was building my inner man, I felt the stirring of the love of God that burns my life once more. Holy Spirit also activated the spirit of worship, leading me deeper into His throne room.


In the grasp of His presence’s reality while worshipping, I felt God touching my life. Then, I felt a very strong sense of awareness; I’m being reminded that I belong to Him! That’s why God touched me! This is the awareness that Holy Spirit keeps building in my life these days; that I am His.


Holy Spirit brought me to meditate and realize that I am a bride of Christ. Just like physically, a woman may only be touched by her husband, the same goes for me; I should guard and live my life as someone who belongs to Him. At once, the dimension of God’s holiness enveloped my being, bringing me to realize that all my being and all the aspects in my life should and must only be touched and used by God alone as the One who owns me. I want to become a bride of Christ who lives in holiness and faithfulness to Christ, because I love Him!


I believe, my love and faithfulness to Christ should be done concretely through guarding myself to always be a weapon of righteousness in His hand. Meaning, I must not allow other spirits (which doesn’t come from God) to ‘touch’ me and manifest themselves through my life.


As the bride of Christ, I want to guard my heart’s inclination to stay fixed on Him alone. I want to make sure that the spirit of my mind is always renewed until I inherit the mind of Christ. Because I desire to live according to His will, in truth, and in the true righteousness and holiness (Eph 4:23-24).


I want to make sure that all aspects of my life are only used according to His will, and for my life to only be touched by God alone. I’ll never let my life to be ‘touched’ again by the spirits of this world, moreover ‘grasped’ by them (they usually come in the form of unclean imagination and desires (not according to Gods will), emotions that are not divine (anger, anxiety, fear, offence, bitterness), etc). I will not allow the worldly spirits to use my life as a weapon of iniquity (manifesting themselves through inaccurate words and actions). I build an awareness in my life that I am dead to sin, and I live for God alone – for I belong to Christ (Rm 6:11-13, 2 Cor 5:15)!


Holy Spirit specifically brought me to dissect two aspects within my life. They become Holy Spirit’s evaluation agenda for me to align, so I could function according to God’s will. Because I am created in His image and likeness, all aspects of my life should function according to the will of their Creator.


Those two things are:


1. My heart and feelings – God gave them to me so I can connect to Him, to be able to feel His abundant love in my life, to feel the feelings of Christ, and to love Him and flow His love unto others (Philippians 2:5).


My heart and feelings are not created for me to feel negative emotions, even when negative things are taking place. My heart and feelings are God’s channel to flow His love through the peace and joy that exceeds all understanding. In all situations, my heart and feelings are secure in the overflow of His love.


God also gave me my heart and feeling so I could partake in His feelings (understanding God’s feeling). Therefore, I could function as a channel of His love for others. Because through my heart and feelings, I could feel what He feels. For example, when I could feel the compassion of the Father for those around me, I could function in flowing His compassion to touch and heal their lives.


I must not use my heart and feelings to judge those around me instead. I don’t care how inaccurate their lives are, my heart and feelings are here to manifest God Himself. Therefore, even though I have to rebuke those around me, it is not an overflow of my anger or human emotions, but an expression of Christ’s love in rebuking them, where assertiveness, sincerity, and perfect love are expressed altogether.


2. The time I have, I surrender them all to be used according to His plan and will; to do what’s right, productive, profitable, and constructive.


There must be no time wasted because I am busy doing or thinking about unprofitable things. At the same time, I must not become a ‘workaholic’, because even my resting time should also be a productive part of living accurately in doing God’s plan.


And so, I pray for the Holy Spirit to always help me in evaluating and aligning every aspect of my life, one by one in detail, to function according to His will. I desire that I’m truly owned by God, not only de jure (in legality)but until de facto’ (in reality). For truly, I am His! Amen! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus