October 11, 2021

I found that a spiritual movement (there is a movement leader that God raises with a divine pattern) oftentimes never reaches the peak and sharpness that God wants because there are many people who join the movement with inaccurate heart attitudes. They want to make a name, want to be known or appear on the pulpit, and want to be the closest person to the movement leader. Not a few of them are looking for an ‘anointing’ to carry out their personal agenda.


No wonder these people find it difficult to ‘support 100%’ without having to be seen or known and popular. They are ‘not willing’ if the spotlight of the Kingdom of Heaven is only focused on the leader! Their hearts are not satisfied enough if they just become a servant of God, moreover the servant of the leader of the movement. They want more title, as a GREAT SERVANT OF GOD! Whilst we know that a SERVANT is barely known, but the name of his master is known.


It is terrible. That’s the manifestation of the spirits of the world in a movement. The intention is to make the movement biased, blunt, and not reach the goal on time. There is no other way to stop this, the TRUTH must be conveyed to set free those who are in the movement but are ridden by the spirits of the world! The enemy’s work must end!


This morning I particularly pray that all those who are in the movement that God revives, can ‘TOTALLY DIE’, no more self-love, love of money, and love the world. This is the time for us to rise to support 100% without seeking to be known or seeking fame for our personal interests. Enough! There is no need to make things that have been made by movement leader. Our part is to support it to the fullest.


It indeed dawned on me, this becomes very crucial, it must be talked about and communicated: STOP SEEKING TO BE KNOWN AND MAKE SOMETHING THAT HAS ALREADY BEGUN! STOP MAKING A NEW STREAM, NO NEED TO SEEK FAME!


If we claim we are God’s servants, then we should serve God in the throne room and that always satisfies our hearts! Thus we don’t need human approval, because our hearts have satisfied to be known by God in the throne room. I’m sure this is the heart attitude that will enable us to support the movement 100% without being seen!


That is what it means to be immersed in a movement so that the movement can reach the peak and sharpness that God wants in order to destroy all the work of the enemy against a nation! Amen! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus


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