October 13, 2019

The Bible writes down clearly the righteous deeds done by the heroes of faith. But at the same time, the Bible doesn’t cover their unrighteous deeds either. Even the depravities in their family life are written explicitly.


From Abram who slept with Hagar, his concubine; Moses who took a Kushite woman; even David who had several wives. Many leaders in the Bible have a family life that is broken/unwholesome. And even ‘stranger’, it’s ‘as if God stayed silent’ when seeing their inaccuracies. There seems to be no act of ‘judgment’ from God upon them.


From the above, I learned several things:

1. God’s pattern has been crystal clear since the start; He created Adam and Eve, one man & one woman


God didn’t create Adam, Eve, and three other wives. No! Only one, Eve! That’s a pattern: one husband, and one wife! That’s the truth! Since man fell into sin, there is a continuous decline in the aspect of family life.


Even Noah’s family, which was planned to be a model family, also failed in the end! Ham humiliated Noah and trampled the dignity of his leadership by sleeping with his wife! Finally, man ‘started to assume’ that ‘sleeping around’ in following their sexual desire is a normal thing. So, although a man already has a wife, they will still ‘feel unsatisfied’ for sure –there should be a concubine at the very least! Such is the family condition of the Biblical figures.

2. They actually received an instant judgment for what they’ve done


Just look at the condition of their household; they are full of conflict. Abraham had to go as far as driving away Hagar and Ishmael – his own flesh and blood. Jacob’s family was filled with the raging jealousy between his wives. And David was surrounded by his vengeful children. Madness! In the family aspect, they lived a ‘stressful’ life. They’re all written clearly in the Bible. I also believe that Moses went through more or less the same turmoil in his household.

3. Since the start, God’s DICTIONARY never contained the word DIVORCE


The pattern has been written very clearly since the creation of Adam and Eve: to BE JOINED (Gen 2:24, Eph 5:31-32), and not to BE DIVORCED. Divorce is the nature of the Devil! When the Devil succeed in ‘divorcing/separating’ man from God (through sin), that’s the moment mankind starts to know about divorce! God hates divorce! For it is SIN! While God truly loves sinners, He never compromises with sin (Malachi 2:13-16)!


4. ‘Be careful’ when reading the Bible in the area of family without understanding the original pattern that God has set


True, the Biblical figures are leaders of great influence. However, their family life showed ungodly patterns; having many wives, and even living in divorce. Such thing is not the righteousness! Moreover, when it comes to divorce, it’s not God’s pattern. It is the devil’s pattern, used in the Garden of Eden to ‘divorce’ man with God.


So, if today there are leaders or influential people who justify divorce using Bible verses, it’s still NOT RIGHT! We must not use them (the influential leaders) as a standard, moreover supporting their view! If we fall into it, we are actually building OUR OWN TRUTH, which is the FALSEHOOD/DECEPTION of the DEVIL.

5. It’s very crucial for us to have THE MIND OF CHRIST


Without accurately understanding God’s original pattern, combined with fundamental principles of truth, we will easily be led astray to do the wrong things. Realize that many people are doing unrighteous deeds because they UNDERSTAND THE WRONG THINGS.


The same goes for people who do the right thing; it’s because they HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST (understanding the truth of God’s word). So, to do what’s right, we need determination and a heart that is inclined to the truth, combined with an accurate UNDERSTANDING. Therefore, we won’t get lost amid all the teachings and philosophies of this world.

6. From where could we discern the right thing? From reading and meditating God’s word


Use Bible verses as the material for our meditation while praying in the spirit (speaking in tongues). Then, keep declaring the word until Holy Spirit gives us an explanation. Then, write down what Holy Spirit explained (make sure that our heart is inclined to love Him and His truth). Then, stay devoted in the apostles’ teaching (those who carry the divine pattern) so we can connect to the accurate/right knowledge of God! Do this, and we will surely know God who will lead us to walk in all truth!


7. God never stays silent over all the inaccuracies of the Biblical leaders


Because since the start, God has spoken His word. God has showed His pattern for family life! But at the same time, God never forces! Because free will has been given to man, including leaders. And they actually have received their consequences directly. Their household felt ‘like hell’ on earth. Surely, we don’t want to be like that!


Let’s make sure that we love God and His truth. Therefore, the TRUTH will be our GUARD from all lies. And in turn, peace and joy becomes tangible in our everyday life, just like in heaven. Let the Kingdom of Heaven becomes real on the face of this earth, starting from the life of our family. #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus