October 14, 2018

If we are brave enough to speak openly, directly, and firmly, we could admit this in the world of Christianity: the rise of many preachers and spiritual leaders have become a problem on its own. Because many of them takes ministry as a profession for their sustenance.

Many of them merely become preachers of the word, not doers of the word. Many of them mix God’s word with psychological knowledge. Some even deliver empty philosophies which won’t bring growth to our faith at all. Even scarier, some only speak about blessing and prosperity to the congregation to grow their numbers!

Strangely enough, the emergence of these preachers has its own market. Many people actually like preachers who focus on self, food and drinks, and needs. They are the end-time preachers who accommodate the masses’ desire, similar to those in the days of Noah!

This is the fact that is happening now which brings worldwide destruction. They bring believers – who are supposed to become salt and light of the world – to decay and stumble in the dark because of the “human gospel” they preach! Regardless of this fact, God’s plan could not be contained! He is raising a spiritual family who carry His divine pattern on this earth. Through them, a new civilization will arise!

Therefore, this is the first thing that God will do. He will raise spiritual fathers/leaders who carry His divine pattern – their heart attitude, conviction and lifestyle is accurate. Through the leaders, spiritual families will be born, carrying the same spirit, destiny and agenda!

I feel that the eye of the Lord is being fixed to the spiritual families who are carrying His divine pattern. The ‘outbreak’ of diverse churches doesn’t matter, because God is not gathering various kinds of churches. He is looking for spiritual families that are built upon the foundation of Christ, not the gospel of humanityAnd God will bring the restoration of all things through these spiritual families!

Observe that Enoch had sons and daughters, not just Methuselah (Gen 5:21-24). However, the Bible only recorded Methuselah’s name. Enoch also had siblings, but their names are not written. Enoch also had all kinds of relatives, but the Bible doesn’t write about them. This means that God only focuses on those who want to receive His divine pattern and partner with Him to build that divine pattern on earth! Enoch must ‘let the others go’ to fulfill God’s plan!

Truly, I feel that not everyone who call themselves Christians love the truth. That’s the fact that we must accept, and it’s good for us to let them go. We don’t have time to take care of them. Because those who truly love God’s divine pattern will automatically approach spiritual leaders who are built upon the foundation of Christ! And those who don’t love the truth won’t come to receive God’s divine pattern.

And so I pray:

God, send the wind of transformation from your throne room! Let our heart inclination be transformed! I summon those who love God all-out – those who are willing to die, willing to let everything go, and willing to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense! I call them from the north, south, east and west – come and close your ranks! Enter the spiritual family that God is raising! Together, let us bring in the new civilization on earth! Let it be done, in Jesus name! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus