October 15, 2018

Right now, believers’ problems still revolve around living in flesh, sin, inner conflict, and sickness. This shows that as believers, we are still far from the reality of our true identity as ‘NEW CREATIONS’! Because it is impossible for new creations to live in sin, inner conflict, or sickness anymore. Because new creations are completely new – the old has passed and the new has come!

Our old self was innately sinful, and we carry the consequences of sin. Furthermore, our environment, family, and incidents also shaped us. All of them make us carry certain human characters and inner conflict. Truly, however, our old identity has passed away by our faith in Jesus Christ. At the same time, we are resurrected as a new person who lives fully for God (Rom 6:11). The Bible calls this new identity and existence of ours as “NEW CREATION” (2 Cor 5:17).

New creation” is taken from the Greek word “Ktisis Kainos”.  Ktisis means “beings”, and Kainos means “unused, fresh, substance of a new kind”. It means, we are a completely new person as a new creation. We could no longer fall in sin or live in inner conflict, and we are victorious over sicknesses! However, I also realize that to live as new creations, we need process, training, and renewing of mind every day.

This is one simple illustration about living as new creations: we are citizens of Indonesia, with Indonesian culture and the habits of Indonesian people. Then, we change our citizenship and move to England. Automatically, we need an adjustment process. We are used to drive on the right side of the car, but now, in Europe, the steering wheel is on the left. We could purchase everything with Rupiah, but that currency is now unusable in England; now we must use Pounds! In Indonesia, we may cross the road wherever we want, but in England, there are paths designated for pedestrian crossing. And obviously, we must use the English language, not Bahasa! How quickly we assimilate as an English citizen is determined by the strength of our determination in adapting and practicing!

The illustration shows how vital it is to know the concrete ways of living as a new creation in our everyday life:

1. Realize that in Christ, we are a new creation!

It means that we have the sovereignty and authority to reject every form of our old self. It includes everything that is tied with sin, inner conflict, sicknesses and curses! We can refuse all of them by using our mouth; by declaring God’s word and truth that Christ has won!

2. Our old self must sweat and toil to look for food, while as new creations, we live from the word that proceeds from the mouth of God

This means we no longer rely on our natural strength to live our everyday life. Now, we rely on the word we receive from our living relationship with Him. When we speak the word that proceeds from His mouth, the impossible will become possible, and what didn’t exist will be created!

3. Our old self often reacts negatively when faced with uncomfortable situations, but now we must train ourselves to give thanks, stay calm, and ask the help of Holy Spirit to respond accurately

In the process, we may still fail and react negatively. But as new creations, we will quickly rise up and do what’s right!

4. Our old self is temperamental, filled with negative emotions, irritable, easily depressed, etc

As new creations, we could quickly forgive and forget. In essence, new creations don’t want to harbor garbage in their heart (inner conflict). To forgive and forget is the response of new creations.

5. Our old self is highly susceptible to diseases, and always use natural ways to overcome them

As new creations, it will be difficult for us to fall sick. Even if diseases latch onto us for some reason, we could drive them away by the power of declaration! #iLoveGod

This message will be continued tomorrow

Ps. Steven Agustinus