October 16, 2018

This is the continuation of yesterday’s message…

6. Our old self is busy with dreams and ambitions, pursuit of personal success, and everything that focuses on self

As new creations, we focus in doing God’s will. We also merge ourselves to function in an accurate local church. Together, we will realize God’s purpose and agenda as one body of Christ!

7. Our old self finds it difficult to feel God’s presence and reality, but is easily filled with the enemy’s intimidation

As new creations guided by the Holy Spirit, we could pray in the Spirit to such an extent. Now we could build our inner man and build our awareness of His reality! Therefore, wherever and whenever, we could enter the throne room by the power of His blood – we could experience the reality of His presence tangibly in our everyday life!

8. Our old self is impatient, unaccepting and irritable when facing immature people

As new creations, we are gracious towards others. We could understand and guide them in prayer, truth, and divine love.

9. Our old self is unproductive

As new creations, we are very productive and fruitful for His kingdom. We are skillful in the field/domain that God has set for us.

10. Our old self regularly ponders on negative things

As new creations, we could condition ourselves, fixing our mind on the things of the word and Spirit.

11. Our old self regularly speaks negative things

As new creations, we are diligent in declaring the word. We always bless others through our words and prayers.

12. Our old self knows nothing about the Holy Spirit

As new creations, we have full awareness of the Holy Spirit, and we fully involve Him in our everyday life! For we are born out of His Spirit! That’s why, without involving the Holy Spirit, we will never be able to manifest the new creation in our daily life!

He is our guide towards all truth. So, when we find it difficult to manifest our new self (responding everything accurately), we better ask for the help of His Spirit to enable us to become doers of the word!

13. Our old self listens to the word merely as an information, and we like to pursue the latest anointing and revelations

As new creations, we intently listen to the word, study it, and become its doers in our everyday life.

14. Our old self pursues God out of fear of entering hell or to receive blessings

As new creations, we pursue God because we love Him with all our heart, soul and strength.

15. Our old self lives without a spiritual father; we were wild and living in our own terms

As new creations, we give ourselves to be guided by a spiritual father within a faithful covenant. Corporately with our spiritual father, we will finish God’s will!

16. Our old self pursues money as if it’s everything

As new creations, we rely on God and His grace alone. Moreover, we become financial managers who handle money in truth. New creations will grow as treasurers of heaven for the advancement of God’s work.

17. Our old self lives without God’s divine pattern

As new creations, we adopt and live in God’s divine pattern in all aspects (which we receive from our spiritual parents). Through it, we become living testimonies that God is real and He is still working!

Certainly, there are many more concrete forms of living as new creations. But I believe that what we’ve discussed for the past two days will help us to live as new creations! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus