October 16, 2019

When I was praying and building my spirit man, suddenly the Holy Spirit told me that the days ahead will be very hard. The world will become more evil and continue to be degraded. In that condition, a mighty spirit man is needed. That is the only way to face the end times. There is no other way. We can only face the cruelty and violence of this world with a mighty spirit!


Therefore it is very important to pay attention to the condition of our spirit men. Make sure there is always the work of the Word and a strong awareness of the reality of God. The Spirit encourages me to always build my spirit man until I am drown in the flow of God’s reality. That is our true habitat. Not just ankle or knee or waist deep, but until it can drown us. That is the ‘normal’ condition that we must experience each day.


The Holy Spirit plays an important role when we build our spirit men. He will show the target we must achieve in building the reality of God. Do not stop praying until we are in a certain standard that the Spirit has set for us. So pray until something happens! Don’t stop until we reach the target (the reality of His presence that the Spirit want us to feel become real in our hearts)! Build strong determination, intention and steadfast in it!


I realize when we pray in the Spirit every morning and always express victorious spirit until our spirits are filled with the flame of the reality of His presence, we are actually directing our hearts to do what is right throughout the day. Because there really are no obstacles from the devil, sin, and death when we are determined to do what is right. The only obstacle is ourselves.


So every morning when we still feel sleepy and tired, we have to ‘conquer ourselves’! Conquer and train our bodies in such a way to pursue and experience the reality of His presence. When we manage to do that every morning, then we can easily do what is right throughout the day.


We position ourselves in God’s way when every morning we begin our day with a heart that loves Him and by crucifying our flesh. For sure we will do what is right throughout the day without any obstacles from ourselves. Our obedience is more perfect like the midday light! The world is declining, but we are rising and shining brightly. #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus