October 17, 2018

For so long, it turns out that our definition about being born again into a ‘new creation’ is still very limited in the ‘frame of the gospel of salvation’. Yes, we believe that God has guaranteed our life after we passed away from this earth. However, it seems that we already feel safe and content enough! We assume that we just need to wait for our death before entering heaven!

Meanwhile, we must understand being born again as ‘new creations’ in the ‘frame of the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven’. That’s how we experience the reality of heaven and His kingdom on earth while we are still alive!

Furthermore, our understanding about new birth and new creation is still limited in ‘supernatural’ aspects as well. True, when we believe Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we straight away move from darkness into His brilliant light. And by His Holy Spirit, we are born again as a new creation! Yes, all of them are supernatural. But Jesus also wants us to understand it concretely – as something that could be applied visibly in our everyday life. Because it’s useless for us to be called as ‘new creations’ if we don’t produce any impact whatsoever on this earth.

Jesus spoke to Nicodemus about new birth:

John 3:3 (NASB) Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

The word “born again” was taken from the Greek words “gennao” and “anothen”. “Gennao” means “be born”, while “anothen” means “again”. Gennao carries the meaning “someone who carry others to follow their way of life.” Anothen carries the meaning “from a higher place.” So, gennao anothen literally means “someone who comes from a most high place who carry others to follow their way of life.”

Jesus talked about Himself who came from the most high place to Nicodemus, a Pharisee, scribe, and an elder of Israel. Jesus came with the hope that Nicodemus would listen to him and give himself to be led by Him, so Nicodemus could see the Kingdom of Heaven!

So, the pattern is very clear. If we have been born again as a new creation, this should happen. We give ourselves to be guided, molded, shaped, directed and led by a spiritual leader (Mal 4:6). These leaders are spiritual fathers who carry God’s divine pattern and blueprint. They will lead and build us to have the right conviction, a straight heart attitude, and an accurate lifestyle. Spiritual fathers will raise us as new creations to the point that our old and new life becomes very contrast.

Under our spiritual father, our old convictions will be dismantled, and totally exchanged by the absolute truth of God’s word. And our spiritual father will impart the work of the Word and Spirit to straighten our heart attitude. Our inaccurate lifestyles will also be corrected. These are the concrete forms of our transfer from darkness into light; from our old self (descendant of Adam) into a new creation (descendant of Christ).

That’s the reason I realize more and more about the vital role of spiritual fathers/leaders who carry Holy Spirit’s working pattern. I also pray for Holy Spirit to give me a new heart; hungry and thirsty of His truth, moldable, and teachable. Because our determination to be moldable and changeable is vital; it will enable Holy Spirit to guide us from truth to truth!

If we don’t want to be shaped and taught by someone who is visible (a spiritual father), how could we be taught by the Holy Spirit, which is invisible? Because regardless of all, God wants to work and move through people!

Through spiritual fathers, a generation of new creations will be born. They will no longer live as their old self (which has died), but they live as Christ who lives inside them! (Is 61)

This is the generation who will see God’s Kingdom, enter it, and become those whom the Kingdom belongs to! Wherever they go, this generation of new creations will be able to bring the reality of the Kingdom! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus