October 18, 2019

People who truly love God and take His word as something important; I find that only such people will set the time (always have the time) to persevere in digging the understanding of God’s word and building a relationship with Him. Setting the time to focus on meditating the word is the form of ‘diligently obeying the voice of the Lord’. And truly, that’s the time we position ourselves to experience the spirit of wisdom and revelation to work within, bringing us to grow in our understanding of the word.


The work of His word and Spirit will make us receive accurate understanding of the word. We must set that accurate understanding as a standard for our lives, akin to a mirror. Like the illustration in James 1:23-24, I believe that we must use the word of God we receive as a mirror. When we look into the mirror of God’s word, we could see our true condition – we can compare ourselves to the standard of God’s word that we’ve received in our understanding. Through the mirror, we could see the ‘gap’ between our current condition and the ideal condition according to the standard of God’s word.


Truly, the moment we see our true selves in the mirror, it becomes a decisive moment. Our response will determine whether we’ll become mere hearers of the word, or doers of God’s word, who act carefully according to it, and carry it out earnestly (Deut 28:1, Josh 1:8, Jam 1:25).


For example: we received God’s word from Philippians 4:4, “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!” Always means always; there must be no reason for us not to rejoice. From this verse, I received an understanding that I could always stay joyful, not because everything is like what I hoped for, but because I could see that God is in my life, making me realize that He is in control of everything, and that He has a beautiful plan in everything that I am facing.


That’s why the command is to be joyful within the Lord! God is the reason I could always be joyful, even in the valley of death. As long as His reality is real in my life, I have no reason to not rejoice! Because God is the One who becomes my joy!


After receiving an understanding of this word, ‘I must take a good look in the mirror’. I use the understanding of the word as a standard in my life, and use it to evaluate myself. At that moment, Holy Spirit will work, reminding me about certain moments in my life when I didn’t rejoice in the Lord (for example, when I was disappointed, sad, or losing my passion). That’s when I realize the ‘gap’ between my actual condition during that time and the standard of God’s word.


It becomes a decisive moment: I could ignore my wrongdoing by giving excuses to justify my reaction (merely becoming a hearer of the word who deceives himself), or rather, I could respond in repentance and start to use the standard of God’s word to transform my convictions and mindset. Because when I’m able to see the problem from God’s perspective, I could teach my mind and feeling to stay joyful, even when reprimanded. Because when God reprimands me, He gives me another chance to progress and to be better than before; shaped to become more and more beautiful before His eyes (becoming a doer of His word).


I believe that each one of us must persevere in becoming doers of God’s word. Every step of our obedience in aligning our lives to God’s word and doing His word is a form of partnering with God to overcome the various openings in our lives. Remember: God will lift us high above all nations, making us an influential, renown, and respected people. That’s why He is closing every opening that the enemy could still use – so they could no longer find any entrance point into our lives to take us down!


My heart was so stirred because I could feel the dimension of God’s love. It made me understand that every instruction contained within His word is a form of His covering over my life. He is preparing us, so when we are lifted into high positions, the enemy won’t be able to ‘take us down’. Because His word has shaped us into a righteous person who is filled with authority!


And so I pray right now. God, I want to become a doer of your word. I don’t want to deceive myself. I don’t want to stop at just being someone who understands your word and knows about Your heart desires. I also want to align my life according to Your word; to live according to Your standard. That is my desire! I long to be someone who knows what is in Your heart, and live to delight Your heart!


Right now, I ignite once again my heart that loves the Lord. I ignite once again the diligence, perseverance, and earnestness in meditating and applying the word. I believe that Holy Spirit will always help and train me to become a doer of the word! Amen! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus