October 19, 2018

As new creations, me must stay active in declaring the word. Otherwise, we are no different than our old life that descends from Adam.

Just look at Adam. He was very passive in speaking God’s word when facing the Devil’s deception in the garden! He stayed silent – as if agreeing the lies spoken to Eve. Meanwhile, God has given man the free will to speak His word!

For me, Adam’s ‘fatal’ mistake is not when he ate the fruit, but when he stayed silent, not speaking the word that God has spoken to him (Gen 3:6, Gen 2:16-17).

Becoming “new creations” doesn’t mean we no longer face the enemy’s deception. Instead, the Devil’s lies are getting more rampant in these end times through various means; situations, conditions, incidents, teachings, people, etc. However, new creations won’t repeat Adam’s mistake. New creations will do what Jesus Christ (their ancestor) did!

Jesus Christ has defeated sin, death and the Devil. He did all of them since He came as a man until He was glorified by the Father! And observe Jesus when He battled the enemy’s deception in the wilderness. Whatever the Devil spoke, Jesus always fought them with the proceeding word. As a result, the Devil left him.

Jesus Christ has given us an example! Our part as His descendants (new creations) is to follow His example! Whatever negative facts that approach us, fight it with God’s word! If we experience stress, intimidation, sickness, or all kind of negative things, simply use our mouth to speak the word! Don’t stay silent or lazy! Train ourselves to battle using our mouth!

This is why we must practice every hour to speak the word. Don’t wait for battles to approach. Before a tense battle starts, practice to such an extent to speak God’s word!

Yes, speaking the word every hour every day is the way we practice. So, when sin, death and Devil want to approach us, we are trained to speak the word! Now, we will surely win – because we could fight the enemy’s lies with the truth of the word!

Death must be battled with life, and the Devil has been defeated by Christ! And now, it’s our turn to defeat all of them with the life, truth and power that flows from our mouth!

Open your mouth to speak the word, and experience the reality of heaven in your life as a new creation! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus