October 2, 2018

There are several examples of our human nature that often hold us back from merging and functioning in a local church:

1. Unwholesome identity, still carrying past wounds and inner conflict

This is a major barrier for someone to merge in a local church. Because when they interact with the spiritual family, they could easily become offended, sensitive and irritable; they easily manifest negative emotions if things are not according to their desire. In the end, the person feels that they are not appreciated and cared for. They start to distance themselves from the “flow of life” of the accurate local church.

Unwholesome identity could be caused by various factors including dysfunctional family, dark past, and disappointments of others who don’t live up to our expectations. Whatever the cause is, we must be healed quickly. Ask for Holy Spirit’s work, the Word, and the Father’s love to restore us. Release forgiveness and quickly make peace with those who’ve hurt us. Make peace with yourself as well.

In essence, take your decision to be healed! Because harboring inner conflict will end in our own loss! Throw it far far away from our life, and we will get closer to God’s movement!

2. Unsupportive family

When we find an accurate local church and decide to go there, usually our family will have questions. Moreover, if the church is quite far, and the service is long; they will start to”complain”.

This is where the challenge usually starts. Our family will try to influence us to look for churches closer to home, and ones with short services too (45 minutes to 1 hour max). Usually, the reason is for us to have more time with the family.

Our response will highly determine our next spiritual journey! If we start to compromise and follow our family, we are stopping our own faith journey. However, we could keep walking and explain to them wisely. Moreover, if we have shown a significant life transformation (increasingly loving God, becoming a doer of the word), our family will start to become “curious”. In time, they will follow us!

3. Still desiring position in a local church

Many people want to function in an accurate local church, but with a condition. Either they must be a speaker, given a leadership position over certain division, or at minimum, become a pulpit minister every week so everyone could see them!

If this desire is still in our heart, quickly repent! Otherwise, we will quickly be “deflected” from the spiritual house. Because the spirit of ambition is like the rotten smell of poison – they will be spit out quickly! It’s not the spiritual family who removes us, but the atmosphere and culture of the accurate spiritual house which will automatically “spits us out”!

4. Still loving this world, self, and money

Flesh and dualism still manifest in their everyday life. In services, these people may look just fine. But in their daily life, their sin-bound life becomes visible! This results in chaos and problems, making them constantly struggle under stress. As a result, they don’t have a living fellowship with God – every time they come to God, the enemy condemns them fiercely. In the end, they fail to merge with the spiritual family because they couldn’t capture the agenda of the house. Externally, they could seem functioning, but in their heart, they are far away. In time, they will slowly (but surely) back away from the corporate life.

The only way to stay is to repent! Admit all sins as quickly as possible (don’t wait for it to become worse). Don’t only admit our sins before God, but also to a trusted spiritual authority. Therefore, by the power of truth, we could be guided and directed towards freedom.

5. Having the ambition or considering themself as a “spiritual father”

Certain people carry others under their guidance when they join an accurate spiritual house. And they consider himself as a spiritual father over the people they lead.

Usually, this kind of people will become an “obstacle” for the people they lead to function in the house. Without knowing, the spirit of ambition makes him control their followers to only follow his will and his version of truth. As a result, their followers stay as spectators in the house. They come to services only to “take the word” they need to minister out there in their own terms. Such thing is as unhealthy as it is untrue! For a spiritual house only has one spiritual father!

Therefore, if we carry this kind of human nature, quickly change and leave it! Submit ourselves and those we cover under the spiritual father of the house. Therefore, we could inherit the same spirit, destiny and agenda.

Realize that we have functioned correctly when we carry our followers into the spiritual house. But it becomes wrong when we keep justifying ourself as their “spiritual father”. Because becoming a spiritual father is only by God’s grace and choosing – it is a great responsibility before God! And a spiritual house only has one spiritual father – such is the principle of the word! (1 Cor 4:14-16)

How could we become an accurate spiritual father if we’ve never become an accurate spiritual son?

6. Surely there are many other human characters which could hold us back from merging and functioning in a spiritual house

Whatever the form is, quickly overcome them. The sooner we become a doer of the word, the sooner we could merge and function in God’s house!

Ps. Steven Agustinus