October 20, 2019

Ezekiel 47:3-5 (TLBMeasuring as he went, he took me 1,500 feet east along the stream and told me to go across. At that point the water was up to my ankles. He measured off another 1,500 feet and told me to cross again. This time the water was up to my knees. Fifteen hundred feet after that it was up to my waist. Another 1,500 feet and it had become a river so deep I wouldn’t be able to get across unless I were to swim. It was too deep to cross on foot.


The above passage keeps speaking strongly in my heart. It gives me the following understanding:


1. Be diligent in doing a ‘check-up’ on the flow of living water inside our hearts


Because that flow of living water (the intensity of God’s presence) is the sign that there is ‘life’. Without life flowing, we are vulnerable to the various works of the spirit of death. Praying in tongues expressively and declaring God’s word will cause the living water to flow.


In principle, make sure that there is always a flow, and the flow mustn’t stop. Because it is between our life and death. So, whatever the situation, condition, or circumstances we are facing, that flow of living water must keep on flowing!


2. Make sure that the flow of living water keeps growing deeper


“Stretch” our inner man. Build our inner man to such an extent. Measure it every day. Make sure that the water level is getting deeper. Pray in tongues until we enter an intensity of God’s presence that we’ve never entered. Then stay in that deepest dimension. By doing this every day, Holy Spirit is positioning and making us as ‘life-giving spirits’ (Cor 15:45).


3. Holy Spirit emphasized to me: just focus on guarding and growing the flow, and don’t get distracted


By continuously stretching our inner man, God’s divinity will become more and more real. Because truly, as the temple of His Holy Spirit, we are not supposed to keep struggling in manifesting His divine nature. That flow of living water is divinity – just focus on flowing and stretching it!


4. Too much “distraction” will “drown us” in a natural life


It’s time for us to solely focus on flowing the living water. That’s what will cause us to be baptized in the word and the work of the Spirit; it will shape us to become more and more divine.


5. God’s divine nature is what makes us different


Without His divinity over our lives, we will merely become someone who is religious, humanistic, and even carnal. Therefore, I am determined to become a different man. For that’s my identity in Christ: I’m a life-giving spirit! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus