October 21, 2018

Most of the times, when we listen to the word from a spiritual father, but we haven’t understand what he’s saying yet, we tend to ignore and forget his message. We give many reasons (excuses), such as: the word is too hard, too deep or too high to be applied in daily lives (the old human nature). While actually the Holy Spirit didn’t expect us to immediately understand the Word, but He expects us to believe immediately! Yes, that is what the Holy Spirit wants ; BELIEVE (new creation nature). Because we certainly couldn’t fully understand about God.

For He is God. If we could fully understand about Him, that is means we are God, but actually we are not. Our understanding still has limitations. But that does not mean that we should ‘surrender’ and do not want to try to understand the Word. Because after all, the foundation of our life must be build on the basis of understanding and obedience.

What kind of understanding that should we have? And what kind of obedience that should we have? We should have the understanding like our spiritual father’s understanding (Eph 1:15-23) and obedience (Fil 3:17, 1 Cor 4:15-16) like our spiritual father’s obedience. In this case, it is a must to understand and obey.

Because our existence that would be built as the temple of His Holy Spirit where the spiritual father plays his role to equip the congregations, the most important element that we should have is ‘the same understanding and attitude of an absolute obedience heart’! These two things are closely related. Because, how can we obey accurately if we cannot even understand the truth of the word that has been delivered by the spiritual father.

God has poured out His grace to us through the spiritual father by giving him the ability to equip and to teach thoroughly with understandable language, concrete and very applicable examples. Also with the strong impartation of the Spirit’s work to accelerate our understanding; training us to build our spiritual man, so that various divine activities and spiritual breakthrough will happen in our lives which will make our existence manifest Christ in our daily lives (becoming the doers of the word). If we still cannot understand the Word, then something is wrong with us. There are several possibilities that cause it :

1. Maybe we don’t want to understand the word

Because usually, if we want to understand the word then Holy Spirit would surely guide us to understand (John 16:13, 1 John 2:27). As a new creation, surely we could understand the Word of God.

2. We still carry the pattern of the old man who listens to the Word not actively responding to it.

As a new creation, when we listen the Word, it’s natural if we respond with enthusiasm and hungry heart and thirst for the truth. It has became the divine nature in our existence as a new creation. Say ‘amen’, ‘hallelujah’, ‘yes’, ‘agree’ with all your heart and body posture full of enthusiasm when the word is delivered, actually it is normal to be done by a new creation!!

Therefore every principle of the word that is conveyed could be downloaded all along with the dimensions of the spirit contained. This is what makes our spirit is burning.

When our spirit is burning, then everything (veil/obstacle of the word’s contamination) that is blocking us to understand the word could be remove by the power of the word and the work of His Spirit!

3. Our tendency of heart are not inclined to the truth

We just want to listen to what we like; Blessings, miracles, 7 steps to be successful, abundance, and testimonies of people who have been to heaven. Finally when we listen the genuine truth of the word (accurate church, death of flesh, unity in the local church, and living as the new creation, and accuracy in all aspects) then rebellion would arise! The Word would be rejected and incomprehensible. Even if they force ourselves to understand, then their understanding would deviate according to his own ambition (self-righteousness).

Therefore, as the new creation we should always interact with the Holy Spirit, and ask Him to burn a heart that loves God and the truth, a heart that is gentle, teachable, and willing to change in our hearts. So that each principle of the genuine truth could be understood, because indeed the eyes of our hearts are focused on truth and we can see Him as He is (Matthew 5:8).

4. We are lacking or not devoting ourselves to listen over and over again to what the father/ spiritual leader says (who brings the divine pattern); we did not review the existing notes from the sermon, and lazily to explore the same principle of the Word that was delivered.

We have to know, it’s all an old human pattern that we must take off. Remember, our old man is dead already. Don’t follow it anymore!! For we are a new creation! Old things have passed away. As new creation, the divine natures that should appear is devotion in apostles’ teaching, make time to listen again, review the sermon notes, write down every understanding that the Spirit gives, declare every verses of the word, and pray in the spirit while imagining the words applied in our daily lives. If we do this diligently, then the same understanding as our spiritual father has, it would certainly be ours as well!!

I believe, when each of us can remove the old human pattern in understanding the word, and start to live in a new creation in understanding the word, so that we can have an understanding as our spiritual father has, then the unity of faith could occur in our midst as His people. So that we could grow up and function as His body/ temple / God’s tent on this earth!! (Rev 21, 1 John 5:4) #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus