October 22, 2018

If we continue to devote ourselves in thinking about things that are from the Spirit (the principle of truth that our spiritual father conveyed) then the Holy Spirit would guide us to understand the truth of the word according to what our spiritual father has.

1. Usually the Spirit would bring up certain verses in our minds.

If that’s what we experience, then we should respond immediately by opening/ reading the verse. Read the whole chapter where the verse is. Take time for that. For it is a sign that God wants to speak further to us through that verses. If we are indeed in a certain busy life, then promise the Holy Spirit (make an ‘appointment’ with the Holy Spirit) when we are going to sit seriously reading the verse. Whether it’s after work, or during lunch break, etc. The principle is, take it seriously and be ready to dig/ reflect/ write further!

2. Usually the Holy Spirit would remind one sentence that was once spoken by spiritual father, which at that time we did not fully understand yet.

Holy Spirit wanted to tell us that the sentence is an important thing that we must follow up in order to realize the wholeness of the understanding of the Words within us. Because if we only understand a piece of the word of God only, most likely others pieces would be filled with inaccurate understanding. So, it is good for us to get the full recording of the sermon and re-listen to it carefully.

If we still don’t understand, then immediately contact our spiritual father and ask for an explanation from him! Usually we would understand at that moment. Not because the Holy Spirit cannot explain personally to us, but because He is building the character of perseverance, seriousness, and strong determination for divine things within us. When the Spirit sees us to begin having that nature, then He would pour out on us the understanding of the Word abundantly.

So, when our spiritual father is answering our question, actually there is the Holy Spirit who is working to inspire that answer for us through the father.

3. Usually Holy Spirit would bring up some understandings from the devotion of the word that our spiritual father writes every day (daily devotion)

We begin to get the connection and the intentions from verses and chapter with each other. So that there is an understanding that strengthens and ignites our spiritual man. If that’s what we experience, immediately write down all the things the Holy Spirit has taught us.

Write neatly, systematically and use the right language that can represent the purpose of the Holy Spirit’ explanation. Then reread that notes and use the verses and that understanding to be the material of our declaration throughout the day. This would increase the ‘weight’ of the work of the Spirit and the Word in us, that would make our spiritual man get stronger and mightier. So we could conquer all kinds of challenges from the work of the enemy who wants to block our footsteps to do God’s will!!

4. Sometimes when our minds keep actively meditationg on the Word that our spiritual father conveyed, the Holy Spirit would give some understandings, but not complete yet.

So when we try to dig/ meditate/ investigate, we still haven’t gotten fully yet (our heart felt like it’s not ‘clicked/ confirmed’ yet). If that’s the case, let’s write down our understanding we got, then keep it first. Because it is not the time for us to receive further understanding.

The cause could be because we haven’t practice the previous Word that we received, or maybe we have to keep growing up to reach a certain spiritual level, then the next understanding will opened by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, just focus to keep building an accurate life/ become a doer of the word, then be faithful to build a healthy relationship with God/ keep building spiritual man in such a way/ to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and willing to let go of everything to reach God.

The times will come, at a certain time we will ‘understand’ for there is a new spiritual position to see the principles of the Word that we have meditated on previously! When the understanding has been given, then continue our writing that we have previously, write systematically. Read over and over again while declaring it until our spirit man are burning. Because it is the work of the Word and the Spirit that would lift us to the next spiritual position, and make us grow from one truth to the next until Christ manifests from us.

However, regardless of the way the Holy Spirit guides us to understand the truth, remember, the understanding we receive is not for our individualistic success, but rather to guide us into corporate and effective life and function in spiritual house that are build accurately. Know that God will use His church at the end of this ages to restore everything.

We are the living stones that God has set as material for the building of His temple corporately. And we are His body that should function optimally according to the will of the head of the church, Christ!!

I believe, if we have the same understanding with our spiritual father, then we would inherit the same spirit, the same agenda, and the same destiny as our spiritual father has. Thus, the way of our lives becomes very clear, which is to function optimally in a spiritual house that is build accurately!

Ps. Steven Agustinus