October 23, 2018

This morning, I felt Holy Spirit is carrying us to connect with the dimension of God’s sovereignty. Something will happen if we consistently fix our minds on the things of the Spirit, declare God’s word, and follow His will. Holy Spirit will surely lift us by the mighty work of the Word and Spirit – we could see Him as a sovereign God!

If we keep doing our part, at one point, an unshakable conviction will rise that His word is absolute and will surely happen; what’s impossible will be possible, and what didn’t exist will be created into existence! The rise of this conviction shows that we are abiding in the dimension of His sovereignty. We don’t merely know or see His sovereignty, but we truly experience it in our everyday life.

1. He is sovereign to deliver us from the chains of this world’s system

For so long, we find it hard to merge ourselves and function in His house. This is due to our dependence on money and our hope anchored in this world. However, God’s sovereignty will deliver us from all that. The most important thing is our willingness and determination to function. If we are willing and determined, God will straighten our life’s path – He will bring us to walk in His ways!

Suddenly, God will show His miraculous ways: the leader of our workplace becomes gracious, giving us the freedom to do God’s will wherever and whenever. Even more, it’s not impossible for God to open new streams of income so we could always be available to do God’s will! Just make sure that our heart stays straight, not perverted to pursue after His blessing. In His sovereignty, God will do His part!

In essence, our faithful God absolutely takes care of us in His sovereignty! If God takes care of the sparrows, He takes care of us even more as His sons! Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven (active & aggressive in pursuing God and His will), and all of them will be added to us!

2. He is sovereign to intervene and change all our problems and challenges

We will experience God’s miraculous help in time. However, remember that all of them are aimed to build our lives accurately, so we could keep walking in truth. Our spiritual stature will keep growing because of His sovereignty.

Automatically, our life will stay further and further from problems’. And even if we face ‘challenges’, we could subdue them quickly by the power of truth that stays within us!

3. He is sovereign to lift us (His church) corporately as an institution that’s far higher than any other institutions

God’s church will become a model and solution for this world! Isaiah 2 is not just a theory, but God’s word that will be fulfilled by His sovereignty.The same goes for Revelations 21. God’s church will become superior, and she will manifest God’s sovereignty very tangibly. Our part is to BELIEVE that GOD’S WORD has truly been FULFILLED!

Surely, God’s sovereignty could intervene in so many other ways. And it is our portion as believers who are built corporately as God’s temple. Our part is to live from the word that proceeds out of His mouth – don’t live from any other, and make sure that we have no other alternative.

Yes, live from God’s word alone! Make sure that His word is always present in our mouth, then speak it! Because our mouth is the portal for God’s sovereign power to manifest on this earth! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus