October 24, 2018

There are times when Holy Spirit keeps speaking to us, surfacing certain verses or phrases in our heart and mind over and over again. When that happens, we better respond to it:

1. Pay attention

God is giving directions to prepare ourselves. He wants us to function further in our role within an accurate spiritual house and the movement that God has set. Because whatever word He gives, it is aimed to make us available and optimal as one body of Christ!

2. Know that the word reveals our true identity in Christ

When we know our true identity in Him as new creations, we won’t be swayed here and there by the winds of worldly success, or by the success of others. We could stay focused in the function that God has set for us; to bring in the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through His church!

3. Memorize that word/verse by declaring it once an hour

When we consistently and earnestly declare the word, we will automatically memorize it.

The ‘memorization’ I mean is not merely ‘remembering’. Memorizing the word means, our mind which was ‘still doubtful’ that the word is our true identity in Christ, could now become very convinced.

As a result, a very tangible transformation happens in our daily life. We become fully sure about who we are in Christ!

4. Dig and study the verses that keep popping in our mind

Spend time to meditate and write down the understandings that God has given. By doing it, Holy Spirit will have the freedom to give various spiritual dimensions and the grace that we need. As a result, we could function according to our identity in Christ! For truly, whatever is our function in His plan, only His word and grace could enable us to become effective!

5. Stay humble, moldable, teachable and wanting to change

Always have the spirit of submission under authority. Regard our brothers in the spiritual house as more important than ourselves. Be a cooperative person in the team, so we can corporately finish God’s will.

If we have these qualities, whatever word that God reveals to us about our identity in Him won’t make us big-headed! Instead, we will become more and more humble. Remember the principle of rice. The more it is filled, the more it bows down.

So, if we become more and more conceited, it means that there is a ‘strange fire’ (worldly spirits) that has entered our life. Beware of the ‘spirit of lucifer’ which always looks for who’s the greatest among us; it will drive us to pursue higher positions to satisfy our ambitions!

I believe, if we do what we’ve discussed above, we will grow healthily and unite as one body. We will become stronger; powerful enough to realize the will of our Head, Jesus Christ! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus