October 28, 2019

Holy Spirit whispered in my heart: keep building your life by the work of My Word and Spirit. For in the days ahead, there will be a BATTLE OF CONVICTIONS against those who depend on the Babylonian system. They will try to influence us to ‘sell’ what we believe in order to preserve our ‘life’.

That’s what happened to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and also Daniel during King Darius’ reign. They were conditioned to worship other gods. If not, they will die. However, they did not love their life in order to preserve their conviction. As a result, they kept living, and become testimonies that God is real and He is still working.

Holy Spirit whispered in my heart and taught me: people who rely on the power of prayer and the word has become very rare now, especially if they ‘have been blessed’. As an example, when experiencing sickness, people could so easily ‘turn away from the power of prayer and God’s word’, and depend on medicine, doctors, hospitals, and insurance. “Blessings” have watered down believers’ “fighting spirit” against the devil, sin and death.

Holy Spirit emphasized: guard your heart so it won’t turn away from Me! The system of Babylon will always offer an ‘easy life’ without the need to live from the work of God’s Word and Spirit, and without prayer and declaration until something happens.

The Babylonian system will also give us “COUNTERFEIT TRUTHS” which resembles the ACTUAL TRUTH. The system will say, “use your wisdom,” “God also created medicine,” “God also uses doctors to heal sicknesses,” “and it is God’s plan for our lives to be safe and secure through insurance.”

Remember, all of those are COUNTERFEIT FAITH! This morning, God reminded me about the life of servants of God in the past. When they need money for God’s work, they pray until ‘miracle takes place’. They won’t step out from their prayer room until it happens. And they don’t look for other alternatives other than from within God’s presence. Even when they are sick, prayer is the only thing they rely on. They refused all other forms of medication. They truly prayed until healing takes place!

I was awakened. Amid all the blessings and ‘riches of revelation’ we received, such life of faith becomes more and more rarely seen instead. Somehow, there are “Bible verses” (TRUTH OF OUR OWN SELF) popping up in our minds, giving excuses for us to seek for alternatives for a way out other than through praying and believing until something happens!

In my heart, I keep feeling that Holy Spirit is drawing a clear line against the convictions of Babylon, then He exclaimed in my heart:

ARISE, AND BE LIGHT! Don’t compromise with the convictions of the world! ONLY PRAYER AND BELIEF IN THE WORD WILL GUARD YOU FROM BEING ABSORBED BY THE BABYLONIAN LIFE AND SYSTEM. There is no other alternative.

In a glance, I saw what will happen in the future: the world becomes darker. That’s the moment when the battle of conviction will take place. Only our PRAYER and BELIEF could reveal that God is real and that He is still working. Even I see that we will face the same thing that Elijah faced (1 Kings 18:20-46).

For so long, the Babylonian system kept ‘bullying’ the conviction of believers, to the point that they lost their identity. They no longer believe in the power of prayer, the word, and miracles. However, in the days ahead, the table will turn! God is raising a people who truly live from the power of PRAYER and the WORD. They are A ‘STUBBORN’ PEOPLE WHEN IT COMES TO CONFIDING IN THE POWER OF PRAYER AND GOD’S WORD. They won’t stop praying until something happens. They won’t stop declaring the word until miracles become so real in their lives.

And so I pray: Lord, join me into that generation. Let me be part of it. I don’t want to become part of a generation of people who have lost their identity as believers. Lead me starting from now, o God, to always be all-out about the word and prayer. Let me persevere in doing so.

Prepare me to be a HERO OF FAITH in the upcoming end of all ages. Allow me to become those whom the Kingdom belongs to, so I can bring in that unshakable Kingdom on this earth. Let Your eternal government becomes very real!

I will make sure that I become more and more all-out in prayer and word reading. Let me be all-out in today, so I could align the life of many people in the days of great darkness to walk in God’s ways and to return to the living God! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus