October 29, 2018

Speaking the word needs perseverance and consistency. This is especially needed if we keep seeing negative facts that don’t seem to change or even becoming worse!

There are two quite important things about word declaration that we must observe:

1. We might not be persevering or consistent enough!

We might only want to declare the word once, and hope that everything changes. Of course everyone wants that. Unfortunately, God often doesn’t allow that for one purpose; to remove our laziness and to build our perseverance.

Because truly, perseverance is an attitude we must have to grow in all aspects, including our spiritual stature. Laziness is an inaccurate heart attitude. And if inaccuracy keeps lingering in our hearts, many other evil spirits will join in. As a result, we could misuse the principle of word declaration to chase after personal ambitions, satisfying the flesh, and pursuing riches.

Therefore, since the start, we must have the persevering heart attitude when declaring God’s word. We must want to declare the word until something happens! If we have that heart attitude, all the divine dimensions we need to grow into the likeness of Christ will keep coming. Finally, divine authority, power, and stature will keep growing in us. That’s when our word declaration could create drastic and dramatic changes!

So, this is what we must understand about word declaration. When we persevere in declaring the word, what changes first is not the negative facts or the problems and challenges we are facing. First things first, word declaration changes us!

When we have changed (our heart attitude, conviction, and lifestyle becomes accurate), transformation will happen automatically. We will experience how God causes all things to work together for good for us who love Him!

2. We might not declare the word earnestly yet!

I mean, we might speak the word religiously – only to make sure that we have done it. This shows that we don’t really want to see change to occur God’s way.

We still assume that declaring the word is just an alternative, and we have prepared Plan A, B, C, D, E, F, etc, in case our word declaration fails. We even call them ‘spiritual strategies’ so it could sound divine. Meanwhile, we know in our hearts that those plans are actually not from God; they are our own initiative in looking for quick-fix solutions. In the end, the way which seems right for us could lead to the valley of destruction.

From the two points above, I realized something. God truly wants us to live in such authority and power of word declaration. He wants us to function the way He functions: create things in the natural through what we speak! But firstly, He wants to make sure that we persevere. He wants us to die from our personal ambition, and to have a straight heart, and an unshakable conviction.

Before we could utilize the true power of word declaration, God wants us to believe that His word is the only way, and that there is no other way!

Once God sees us fit, we will experience how the word we speak could move mountains, open heavens, divide oceans, and do other great things! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus