October 29, 2019

From meditating the word, I truly realize about one thing: the most important thing I need to have is the heart that loves the Lord, and a heart inclination towards the truth.


In the moment of worship I had in His Throne Room today, I realize that no matter how great my thinking abilities to study His word, without a heart that is inclined towards the truth, it’s all in vain; I am no different to the scribes that Jesus called as hypocrites (Mat 23:27).


The spirit of judgment and spirit of burning worked in my life, realizing me of my inaccuracies, whether its in my action, mind, and my heart attitude about certain things in life. Holy Spirit made me realize that sometimes, without realizing, our knowledge of God as a faithful God and a good Father (who always forgives us whenever we repent and return to Him) makes us a manipulative person.


When the level of love of God in our hearts is not in a condition that is full or overflowing, it means that the love of this world, self, and money is still in my heart. And such condition will manifest itself, making us having many excuses to not do the word, or still allowing weaknesses to stay in our lives (because we don’t want to leave the comfort zone yet).


I could truly feel how sharp the sword of God’s word that Holy Spirit gives to shape my life in His presence this morning. I repented, for I don’t want to become someone who ‘manipulates’ or ‘takes advantage’ of the perfect love of God to ‘justify’ any kind of inaccuracies that I still refuse to fix. I know for sure that God always forgives me, but it doesn’t mean that I can abuse His love. Because God will never let Himself be mocked, and as His own people, I also don’t have the slightest intention to toy Him (Gal 6:7)!


Instead, my knowledge of God as a Father who loves me perfectly, that’s what I must use to propel myself forward towards progresses so my life will become more and more delightful to His heart. Because if I love God, I will surely become someone who is always faithful towards His every command, and live in His statutes with complete obedience (John 14:15, 14:23, 15:10).


Holy spirit once again brought me to remember the word in James 1:25. Then, I received an understanding which makes me realize that persevering in meditating the word will make us a free people in doing what’s right! We are free to express ourselves fully as new creations who are born out of truth and lives only by the Word!


If so far, there are still several aspects of life which chain us from doing what’s right, what I need to do is to look intently into the perfect law that liberates people from all kinds of chains of the enemy.


But what is the actual meaning of the law of liberty? It is the great and foremost commanded that Jesus said in Mat 22:37, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.


Why loving God with all our heart, soul, and strength becomes a law that liberates people? Because we could only start connecting with the Lord through the heart that loves the Lord. Because we will ‘want to know more and more’ about what is in His heart when we love Him. In this way, persevering in meditating the word and building our inner man no longer becomes a Law for us, but something we truly delight in (Ps 1:1)! Pondering about His word becomes our everyday activity, and communicating with Him becomes something we do naturally.


Holy Spirit clearly shown me that it is out of place for us believers to keep being attracted by this world and sin. Because ‘attraction’ will only happen when there is a ‘contact point’ (in our mind and desire). But for us who are in Christ Jesus, there is the law of Spirit and life that applies in us; we are positioned to no longer live by the flesh, but by the Spirit (Romans 8)!


Now I could see the correlation between the great and foremost commandment, the word in Romans 8, and James 1:25. It turns out, there is a great power that is contained within a heart that loves the Lord. Such heart will surely make us passionate to persevere in meditating the word and building our inner man. When we position ourselves to start persevering in meditating or studying the Word, our mind will automatically be filled by the Word. It means, we are positioning ourselves to live by the Spirit, because we are setting our minds on the things of the Spirit (Romans 8:5).


That’s the moment when we’ll enjoy the law of Spirit and life working, which will take us up, far higher above the power of sin. We will become so free from the power of sin because our hearts and minds are no longer directed there. The enemy will lose its ‘contact point’ with us, because our mind is no longer fixed towards sin and things that are worldly or human.


I believe, the heart that loves the Lord will make us stop ‘looking for loopholes’ from the inaccuracies of Biblical figures only to justify ourselves in doing the wrong things. Loving the Lord with all our heart, soul, and strength truly liberates us, because it carries us to live by the Spirit. We enjoy the law of Spirit and life; we will do His every command with no burden and without feeling forced. Instead, we will do His will with full passion, because the desire to delight His heart is burning so strongly that it governs our life! Amen! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus