October 30, 2018

Even when someone has become a New Creation, they could still manifest the old man life (Eph 4:17-24). Therefore the key to stay alive as new man, New Creation that always enjoy the impact of the redemption of Christ is by keep devoting themselves to study the Word of God, focusing to change the nature of their minds (Eph 4:23). Therefore, we need the Word to come into our lives.

The Bible affirmed that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Matt 4:4). So we need a strong determination to keep living as New Creation so that we will enjoy the effect of the redemption of Christ in our lives; we decide to only live from the Word!

The question is, how do we receive the Word in our life? Actually it’s very easy; When the Spirit brings us to experience to be born again – in the spirit – He brings us to be born in His Kingdom. But in this natural world, Holy Spirit brings us to unite in the spiritual house, a group of believers who have the same flow of life, destiny and same tendency of the heart. And also there is a leader who functions as a spiritual guardian and spiritual father for us.

It is the duty of the spiritual father to bring the congregations that he cover into the Father’s presence. Through his prayers, he asks the Father in heaven to give specific Word for the congregations.

When the spiritual father is delivering the voice of God, as the congregations we have to: Arouse the interest to that Word so that we will be able to understand it personally by integrating the Word to our lives, so there will be changes, progress and alignment in our lives through that specific Word.

The Holy Spirit Himself, would give an understanding that will help and guide us to apply the words in our lives. There would be an instruction from Holy Spirit while we dig the understanding of the Word. So there will be no more spiritual passivity/laziness in the congregations! Everyone will actively follow every direction that the Holy Spirit gives. From this moment on, the growth and maturity of the congregations takes place through a local church.

I pray, let wherever this message is read/heard, the Holy Spirit will keep on leading us to follow the pattern that He gave to the early church: There is a leader who functions to deliver God’s voice and at the same time the congregations receive it with passion and set their lives to be in line with the Word, so that every believers will enjoy the same work of the Word & Spirit; positioning all the congregations to function as His Body on this earth and through them the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven will manifest through their daily lives. #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus