October 8, 2018

Recently, Holy spirit constantly guided me to pray for leaders. Regardless of all, the key to transform God’s church is in the leaders’ life. The leaders must open themselves to the work of the word & Spirit which will lead to breakthrough and transformation. Without it, the people won’t experience any progress.

1. Without knowing, many leaders are trapped in the comfort zone

A leader could feel that God has ‘made them worthy’ to enjoy harvest because they have reached certain success in life and ministry. The problem is, they don’t realize that they are entering a ‘journey of decline’. Their heart attitude and lifestyle start to change; they are no longer all-out for God and His plans! The leader will start to think more of their interests, and planning for their life’s pleasure and comfort.

2. Many leaders unknowingly stop becoming doers of the word

Leaders could start enjoying the result of their hard work by living for their own interest and pleasure. Without knowing, they start to feel that they no longer need any guidance to become doers of the word. They become trapped in the enemy’s deception. They think that they deserve to enjoy success in their life and ministry because they have practised what they preached. They feel that they are already ‘there’ – they no longer need to ‘demand/condition’ themselves to become doers of the word.

Leaders who are trapped in this deception might think, “Well, praying or reading the word once in a while is okay now. God could understand that I’m busy with so many things. Moreover, I don’t need to read the word or pray that much anymore. I have become a leader. I ‘understand’ and I’m already ‘there’.”

All these erroneous thoughts are part of the enemy’s deception. They are launched towards leaders to drown and drag them into the abyss of destruction!

3. When a leader starts to lose their all-out nature, the enemy will start to silently ‘extinguish’ and ‘amputate’ the leader’s effectiveness in life and ministry

I pray, let Holy Spirit once again ignite the fire of revival in the life of leaders. Don’t let them loosen their determination to become doers of the word. Let them keep bearing fruit for the Kingdom at 30-fold minimum; willing to die, to let everything go, and to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense! By Your grace, let You lead them always to have an impactful life and to bring Kingdom influence!

Without breakthrough, a leader’s life and ministry will stay the same. Without the leader’s transformation, their people won’t transform. And without breakthrough and transformation, darkness will keep ruling this world.

So, God’s church, arise & be light! Leaders, return to your first love towards God & His Kingdom! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus