November 8, 2021

I received God’s command that spoke strongly in my heart: Pray for the people before the massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Prepare the infrastructure in the spirit and ensure it develops strongly.


1. Pray for the people so they will always have the hunger and thirst of God in their hearts.


God will expose all empty hearts, and many people will feel sick and tired of what happen around them. This will happen to all social classes; from low class to upper class. They will all cry out and seek God. Some will receive the outpouring of the Spirit because they call on to God, and some others will receive it through their interaction with believers. The sovereign God will work according to His will and fulfill His Word! The Spirit will be poured out upon all mankind!


2. Pray that divine love will touch the hearts of all mankind.


From the story of Saul, we learn that although Saul was filled with the Spirit several times, but unfortunately bitterness and hatred continue to dominate his life (the work of evil spirit). Sometimes he was aware of it, but at some other time, he was totally controlled by it (hatred).


Nothing like this will happen again when the Spirit is poured out on all mankind. Just make sure that divine love touches their hearts. The power of prayer will once again play an important role for the transformation of hearts and the outpouring of the Spirit. It is God’s agenda to make the earth like heaven. The kingdom of heaven will once again rule the earth. People will live righteous lives, in peace and full of joy. There will be no more war on earth.


3. Pray for the spirit of repentance to transform all human’s hearts.


There will be many more people like Zacchaeus, who turn from his evil ways; especially those in power. Those who used to take from the community, will begin to contribute and build the community. The outpouring of the Spirit upon them will make them use their authority to be more active in taking part in restoring justice and the welfare of the people. They will work hard and do whatever it takes to see progress in their community, and people around them will also be transformed.


4. Pray for the same wisdom and revelation in all mankind.


The time will come when everyone will have the same understanding of God. Differences in understandings often lead to divisions. The God we worship is the Lord Jesus Christ. When the Holy Spirit is poured out on all mankind, they they will see God and at the same time they will receive the same understanding. They will see Him as He is, and they will become His people.


In this case, God will use us as His temple to speak the truth and be the channel of His divine love and restoring power for the people. #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus

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