November 9, 2021

Today at daybreak, I received a prophetic dream. In the dream, I know that we are being invited to attend a big party held in a certain place. Unfortunately, we seem to be busy doing our own business. Whereas, we have to leave immediately because the destination takes quite a long time to travel. If we don’t, it will be too late.


In short, many of us have been invited but are not ready to go. And it’s ridiculous that I can’t go alone even if I’m ready. Because the departure to the grand party should not be individually but must be done as a corporate. That’s the reason I became restless because I have to wait for others before I can leave.


And not long after I finally woke up. While contemplating it, I asked the Holy Spirit to explain what the dream meant and asked for His directions.


I received the understanding that indeed all of us are being invited to attend a great feast which is the moment for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these last days, as prophesied (Joel 2:28).


He wants us as His church, to act as the main actors to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will reach and touch the lives of many people who will interact with us.


But the problem is, many of us are not ready to have this divine moment. Because of our various activities doing our own business, busy pursuing personal goals and ambitions, love to live as what we like, pursuing worldly success, and many other reasons that make us never ready to be in a place where God will pour out His Spirit.


Our unreadiness has made us often miss various divine moments with the result that God’s plans and will do not happen through us. Whereas God does not want us as His church to be mere spectators, but the main actors, as when the disciples received the outpouring of the Spirit in the Upper room in Jerusalem (Acts 2).


Therefore, God wants us to be at the right time and in the place where God is – at the place that God has determined for us, that is in Zion, the holy mountain of God’s house, where the reality of God’s presence is always present and gripping our lives.


Make sure we don’t be ‘busy ourselves’. Ensure we become individuals who are ‘aware’ or alert to what is going on in the spirit realm, and be aware of what God’s agenda is for us, His church and give the appropriate response.


I pray that the prophetic dream that I received can be a ‘warning’ for all of us. Make sure we have prepared ourselves to be God’s partners on this earth. Become a tool for Him to use in order to condition the outpouring of the Spirit on all mankind occurs.

#I Love God


Ps. Steven Agustinus


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