September 1, 2018

Through the retreat, God starts to pour a dimension of movement that is different to the ones God started in the past. In the past, Spirit outpouring is always tied with healing the sick and casting out demons. However, the Spirit outpouring this time will mainly focus on rising the righteous to become an influential, renown and respected people over cities and nations.

1. Every movement of the Holy Spirit has a pattern

Without recognizing God’s working pattern, we will tend to ‘pervert’ the existing movement. Until today, there are too many people who pursue after God’s reality only to use it for their personal ministry. This is the individualistic life pattern which often brings a Spirit outpouring out of track. Every person who experience the Spirit outpouring is conditioned to build their own ministries. In the end, everyone strays further from God’s real purpose.

Truly, God’s purpose in every Spirit outpouring is to raise as many righteous people as possible who responds to God’s plan and heart for the nation. However, the Spirit outpouring won’t last and will surely cease when God’s move is used to merely ‘enlarge’ the size of churches and congregations!

2. God’s pattern in a movement

This is God’s pattern in every movement. He wants to position the righteous to connect accurately with the father of the movement (source of grace).

Every sons of the movement must capture their father’s dream as their vision. Then, they must direct their life according to it. Such is the life of faith! And through the life of faith, we shall overcome this world.

a. Positioning the righteous to connect accurately with the source of the movement

Many believers keep struggling with the principle of fathering due to various reasons. One of them is the individualistic life pattern that each person still carries. Believers are unwilling ‘lose their identity’. I mean, so many people are unwilling to be reshaped to adopt the divine life that God has built in the life of a movement leader (a source of grace).

Such unwillingness is sourced in individual life (Selfwhich is not supposed to exist anymore within believers. God is giving birth to a generation who lives in a corporate pattern, not individualism.

b. Capturing the dream of the source of grace and make it a vision in their lives

Believers who position themselves accurately as a spiritual son of the source of grace won’t struggle in receiving a vision/destiny from God. Holy Spirit will take the dream He has planted in the life of the source of grace, and change it into a vision in the life of their spiritual sons.

There are many ‘forms of ministry’ that are not producing any impact for the Kingdom of Heaven – they are disintegrated from other ministries too. This is caused by many believers who desire to function in ministry, but are unwilling to position themselves as a son of the movement leader. However, I believe that God continues to build the accurate pattern of ministry. In these last days, the ministry of the Body of Christ will truly manifest through His church.

c. Directing their life and future according to the vision they receive

The life of every believer is a life by faith. It means, they will receive God’s promises, directions, guidance, various confirmations, and many more from their spiritual father and the work of the Spirit.

When believers choose to obey God’s direction, they are unknowingly being prepared to be lifted by God as the people of the movement. Remember, Holy Spirit’s movement this time is about raising the righteous whom He could use to transform cities and nations. The power of grace will keep manifesting and enabling them to subdue every weaknesses and limitations.

d. Overcoming the world.

God will raise world overcomers only from those who live by faith.

All kinds of life pattern and world system are chaining and pressuring the lives of many. However, they will change through God’s righteous who function as carriers of the movement. Through the righteous people, Kingdom of Heaven’s life pattern will be introduced to and adopted by everyone. We are opening the way for the manifestation of the Millennial Kingdom on earth.

Matthew 13:43 (NASB) Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear.


Ps. Steven Agustinus