September 1, 2019

For the past few weeks, I explained to the congregation of Breakthrough City Church (BCC) about the molding process of God’s hand which every believer must undergo before He could position and establish them in their respective domains.


Today, I ended the series of sermons about the molding process of God’s hand. Suddenly, I could feel the birth of a new faith portion in my heart. It gives me the certainty that believers will rise up as trendsetters who influence and transform our surrounding. It’s not as difficult as we think it is! It’s doable!


1. God is with us; He accompanies, equips, positions, and establishes our life in every domain He has set us to be!


I could feel the unrest of Joshua and Caleb when they heard how the other spies gave their report of Canaan and demolished Israel’s conviction(Numbers 13:27-33). This happened after I received Holy Spirit’s confirmation that it is very possible for believers to ‘step out’ and become superior compared to the best people in the secular world (believers can become a trendsetter in their respective domains)! Suddenly, I could feel the spirit of intimidation approaching, trying to extinguish the enthusiasm in my spirit, just like the Israel spies who tried to shut down the faith raging in the heart of Caleb and Joshua (Numbers 14:6-10).


Right now, no matter the negative reality surrounding the lives of believers, I declare: “their protection has departed from them, and THE LORD IS WITH US. Do not fear them!” (Numbers 14:9, NKJV) 


Right now, God is pouring out His Word & Spirit to dismantle the mold of this world from believers’ lives. Then, His Word & Spirit will reshape them, so only the divine remains in the life of His people!


Through the everyday life of His people, He will reveal the reality of His kingdom. God, Himself will pour out His grace. Then, the task of His people is to transform the working power of grace into skills, potentials, abilities, and expertise in their life! God will make His people full of skill & potential; they will be the best, even more than the great men in the secular world!


Now is the time for God’s people to utilize the power of grace that is working in their lives into an expertise. Let those jaw-dropping skills and expertise make the world confess that ONLY GOD could make possible all the great things He did through believers!


Ahead of us are great days filled with God’s glory & divinity! Get ready to enter! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus