September 10, 2018

Mark 11:23-24 (TSI / Indonesian Simple Translation) What I’m saying is true: if each one of you fully believe, you could also make these miracles. For example, you could ask God, ‘Let this mountain move to the sea.’ However, you must fully believe and not doubt that God will surely do what you ask. Therefore, I advise each one of you: When you pray to ask for something, believe this way, “God has given to me what I asked from Him.” Then God will give it to you.

When I read the verse, a courage welled up inside me to ask for things that will be very useful for fulfilling God’s plan:

1. I ask God to once again be with His church with power and authority just like when He accompanied Moses and the heroes of faith

For the whole day yesterday, I kept saying to God, “Lord, you are a mighty God! Everything I read in the Bible illustrates your wonder. Even since you created the heavens and the earth, you only need to speak your word! When You led Israel out of Egypt, You did many great wonders that shook other nations until they must confess that You are a living God. You even lead the heroes of faith using mighty works! All of them shows how You defeat the government of the wicked! You bring in the reality of Your eternal and superior kingdom on earth! Do it once again, o God, and let You alone be our strength!”

2. I ask for His Spirit to always make me believe in God’s miraculous deeds

Because in the middle of this degrading world, it is difficult for man to hope on God’s miracles and greatness. People seldom cry to God and seek Him all out until they see His miracles. Without knowing, the state of this world starts to erode my confidence in God and His miraculous deeds.

This world drags us with all kinds of excuses until we forget God’s mighty works in the Bible. Until at one point, we no longer hope for it to happen. The way the enemy work is terrifying indeed – slowly but surely, they erode our belief in Him!

Today, I take the decision to believe in all of God’s word and His miraculous works. I decide to believe that today, God will do again what He did in the past. It will show that God is real and He is still working!

3. I ask Holy Spirit to give me the ability to be consistent in meditating, imagining, and declaring His word

Because the verse clearly said, “When you pray to ask something, believe in this way, ‘God has given to me what I ask to Him.’ Then God will give it to you.”

I must be able to see the fulfillment of God’s miracle in my imagination. What I imagine plays an important role in what will happen. If I successfully imagine His miraculous works, it will surely happen, and it has happened!

I will imagine and declare the word until my spirit is burning, and until an unshakable conviction is built that God is real and He is still working!

4. I ask for the Holy Spirit to keep stirring the divine love in my heart

Therefore, my prayers are not ‘moved’ by disappointment, resentment, or vengeance. My prayers are lifted because I desire the fulfillment of His will and plan alone.

Mark 11:25 (TSI / Indonesian Simple TranslationWhen you ask something in prayer, check yourself if you harbor resentment towards someone. Forgive that person, so your Father in heaven also forgives all your mistakes.”

I believe, when our heart is free from all conflicts, we will have the right standing before God – our prayers will be undeniably powerful! Whatever we speak will surely happen, and what didn’t exist will come into existence through the power of prayer! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus