September 10, 2019

Philippians 4:4 (NKJVRejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!

The above verse keeps speaking strongly in my heart and igniting my spirit! That word is my identity in God! Whatever condition, circumstances, situations, events, and interactions I have, I want to respond in joy!

God’s word is plain and clear: rejoice always! It means, all the time, our hearts must be fervent with joy, and our face must radiate that joy within.

For far too long, this world has molded a ‘bad habit’ in our lives: we respond towards everything with tension, anger, sadness, irritation, disappointment, and all other negative emotions. Even our facial expression has been molded by sorrow! And we assumed that they are all normal! No way! For in the Kingdom of Heaven, there is only peace and joy!

For so long, ‘religiosity’ has shaped us to ‘know’ God as someone who is serious, judgmental, quick to anger, likes to punish, and panicky when dealing with us. Truthfully, they are all misleading! Because I find that when we keep interacting with the work of God’s Word and Spirit, the heavenly atmosphere filled with peace and joy becomes our portion. The stillness of the throne room surrounds us – we can only listen to God’s calming voice.

I believe that there is no negative emotion in Christ. The reality of His presence – our true habitat – is full of joy! And I believe that through joy, we will show the true & divine life to this world! We can overcome various problems with joy! Many diseases will be removed with joy. Many conflicts will be made peaceful with joy. Joy will heal so many things on the face of this earth!

I feel that Holy Spirit is dismantling the old worldly pattern in our lives. It’s time for us to live wholesomely in His divinity! All the while, this world is flowing the ‘river of sorrow’ and ‘streams of sadness’. Many people drink from that water, and they experience death. So, it’s time for us to flow something different: God’s river of joy flowing from our hearts! Therefore, everyone who interacts with us will have a life!

Do you want to be impactful? It’s simple: just make sure that we stay joyful every day! Don’t need to think far and wide to be impactful (pursuing high positions, doing great things, etc). Just try to live our lives and respond everything with joy. If we can, we will surely give strength, peace, and freshness to others. That’s already a very meaningful impact in itself!

I take my decision to rejoice always! I will respond towards everything with joy. No more ‘tense’ situations, sadness, and anger in my life. For the joy of the Lord is my portion! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus