September 11, 2019

If we see and observe the condition of this age, we will realize that the existing system of this world is very wicked. People become increasingly wicked because they are driven to pursue money, riches, and position. As the result, turmoil and instability are everywhere; in the economy, security, politics, and even nature which is becoming increasingly hostile to mankind. In short, we are in the end times, when the wickedness of man is reaching its peak, just like the days of Prophet Noah!

Seeing all this, God doesn’t stay silent. Because this is not God’s original & eternal plan for all His creations! He created man, heaven, earth, and everything within to be in harmony with Himself. Even man was not designed to sow in order to eat as He has prepared for everything. Man was originally set by God to rule and reign over the earth according to His plan and will. Therefore, in this end times, the restoration of all things will take place through our lives as believers.

If we observe every civilization, especially in the Bible, we can see the way God ‘raises up a man’ to overcome this dark world and the crooked heart of man. He always comes to His chosen people, then speaks His word to them! That’s the moment the believer is raised up to be an overcomer of this world.

Let’s take Moses as an example. In his 80th year of life, God came to him, and used him to free Israel from Egypt. God also came to Gideon and raised him up as a mighty and valiant warrior. On average, that’s what the heroes of faith experienced. They rise because the proceeding word of God comes into their life.

Now I understand more and more the reason Holy Spirit keeps working to reveal His word in our lives. He is preparing us to face the thick darkness that will come upon the earth. That’s the moment when the light of the Lord will shine upon us. That’s the moment we will rise up and ‘take over’ this earth. For this earth belongs to us, the sons of God! Through us, the restoration of all things will be completed perfectly!

The wicked will cease to exist, and death will be swallowed up in victory! Nature and man will automatically come into harmony once again! However, the restoration of all things will never be realized through humanistic ways – it can never happen. The restoration of all things can only happen God’s way! The way He created the heavens, earth, and everything within by speaking the word, the same will happen during the restoration of all things: God will release His word through our mouth, His believers!

Holy Spirit will keep working, and His word (our true identity in Him) will be revealed in a larger scale. This will enable us to rule from the throne room of God! At such position, we will no longer move in human ways. We will move with full authority: we rule by speaking! And what we speak will no longer come from ourselves, but from God who is seated at the throne. When His word is released, all creations will bow down and re-align themselves with the agenda of heaven.

John 5:4 (NKJVFor whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.

The verse keeps speaking strongly in my heart! I believe that our FAITH in Him is the only way for the restoration of all things to take place. I want to keep holding on to what God reveals, because in the future, His word and our faith will overcome this world! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus