September 12, 2018

True Christianity is highly tied with the reality of God’s Kingdom, and manifesting the power and glory of that Kingdom in our everyday life.

Leaders’ main assignment is to connect the people they lead with the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven. For the people to connect to the Kingdom and bear Kingdom fruits in their everyday life, the leader himself must already be connected with the Kingdom (and even become those whom the Kingdom belongs to)!

1. The chain of fathering plays a vital role

For someone to ‘see’ the Kingdom of God, they must give themselves to be led by ‘a person who comes from a high place’. They are spiritual leaders whose life has been crushed and reformed by the power of the word and Spirit. Without so, no one could realize the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven. And Kingdom reality, although invisible, is real; just like wind which could produce very tangible effects (John 3:3-8).

Through the process of fathering, God’s people will experience the reality of His Kingdom. They will be willing to do anything to get that Kingdom reality in their everyday life.

2. Leaders must continuously bring in the work of the word and Spirit in the congregation’s life

This is vital when we want to guide them to see and interact with the tangible reality of the Kingdom.

When the people see and interact with the Kingdom, their heart will change, inclining towards the truth alone. They will become all-out – willing to die, to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and to let everything go for God! There is no more room for the love of this world, self or money. The people’s time and energy that for so long have been used to ‘subdue the flesh’ is now ‘converted’ to pursue after God and to activate the power of grace in their life.

Without knowing, the people’s life become like a tree firmly planted by the river of life (Ps 1:1-3). Their everyday life will manifest the work and power of grace. Many people (or at least those who interact with them) will start to be influenced and guided to walk in truth. Their leaves are for healing, and their fruit will be the food for nations (Ez 47:12, Rev 22:1-5).

3. A leader’s main assignment is to condition the people’s everyday life to keep producing Kingdom fruits (Mat 13:23)

This is where the aspect of ‘devoting ourselves in the apostles’ teaching’ play a vital role. Those who are ‘more devoted’ will automatically experience God’s grace and reality faster in their everyday life.

God’s sovereign hand will personally guide and set the steps of the congregation. And once again, here is where the role of a spiritual father becomes vital. God have planted many dreams in the father’s spirit – Holy Spirit will take those dreams and turn it into a vision in the lives of their sons!

The sons’ steps of obedience in fulfilling their father’s dream is a true form of living by faith (Rom 1:17, 1 John 5:4).

The power of grace activates when the sons are stepping in faith! Holy Spirit starts to plant potentials that the sons didn’t have. Then, God will start to bring the sons to meet key people who will lift them as an influential, renowned and respected people in society. The sons will enter their God-set domains. There, God will use His people/the spiritual sons to bring in the reality of His kingdom. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus