September 12, 2019

If we study the Bible about joy, we can find hundreds of verses showing all kinds of reasons which essentially instruct us to rejoice. “Rejoice in the Lord” (Philippians 4:4), “delight yourself in the Lord” (Ps 37:4, 97:12).

When reading and meditating the Bible verses about joy, I feel the Father’s love overflowing and filling my heart, embracing my very being. God truly makes me realize that there are so many reasons to be joyful because of Him! His Word and Spirit is the proof of His love to me; because through the work of His Word and Spirit, God brings me to inherit His divine perspective on all things.

Then, I meditated on verses showing that we must stay joyful when facing challenges and trials. Holy Spirit brought me to ponder, and I realize that God never panics when He sees the enemy planning evil for our lives.

Just look at the lives of Joseph, Moses, David, and Jesus. Joseph was loathed by his brothers and was thrown away. Moses was supposed to be one of the baby boys killed in his time. David was an unwanted child who is disregarded by his parents. And Jesus was the Holy One who was rejected. However, the hate and evil of Joseph’s brothers, the command to kill every baby boy in Moses’ time, the rejection and evil plans of David’s parents, and the opposition, capture, and crucifixion of Jesus; all of them didn’t foil God’s plan.

Instead, when the situation and condition doesn’t seem to side with us (God’s chosen people), we could see our God’s all-powerful nature! We could see that He is still greater than everything, and He is still sovereign in controlling and determining everything! He never panics when seeing the enemy planning evil!

In Psalm 2:4, we can see how God laughs at every evil plan of His enemy! His plan will never fail because of the situation and condition; instead, when everything is negative, that’s the moment God will reveal how massive His greatness and glory is!

Now I understand more and more the reason we could rejoice in hope. Because our hope in the Lord will never disappoint (Romans 5:5, 12:12)! There is a certainty that we will be safe and victorious in Him (Heb 6:19, Lam 3:24-25)!

God is the Master of turning a mess into a message; turning a test into a testimony; turning a trial into a triumph; turning a victim (loser) into a victor (even more than a victor)!

The joy He has prepared for us is far greater and more powerful than all the sorrows in this world! When we keep rejoicing, God will use us to flow life into this world that is being grasped by all kinds of sorrow.

Therefore, rejoice in the Lord, and be joyful because of Him! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus