September 2, 2018

It is mandatory for us to constantly and vigilantly guard the flow and dynamics of Holy Spirit in our heart! The Enemy will try everything to clog the flow of living water in the life of believers. This is especially true for the participants of the Steven and Sons (SnS) Family retreat because they’ve just experienced Holy Spirit’s touch, word revelation, and the reality of His kingdom. They must truly be aware of this, so what they have received from God won’t be stolen by the enemy again.

1. Build a new habit in our daily life by prioritizing the reality of God

Don’t let our busy daily routine continue as usual after we go home from the retreat. Don’t let them confiscate our time in vain again! Every truth of the word we receive must be turned into a new lifestyle and habit in our daily life. This truly needs perseverance. And it can’t be denied that there will be on-off‘ moments that we must go through before a new lifestyle is truly established. However, don’t give up!

Stay focused in building our new lifestyle and habits based on the word we receive. Successfully doing so marks our victory. Our spiritual position will become ‘higher’ than the ruler of the city that is pressuring our life. The new lifestyle closes all access that the enemy used to intimidate our life! God will bring us to always enjoy a victorious spirit in our everyday life.

2. Every morning, do a ‘spiritual flow check’

Every morning before involving ourselves in all kinds of activities, do this. Pray in tongues and feel the flow of living water that is supposed to flow from our heart.

If the flow in our heart feels clogged or weak (or even worse, we feel nothing), quickly enter spiritual warfare! Pray in tongues fervently – force ourselves to pray audibly. Through our intonation and voice, we are ‘digging’ again the well of living water that the Enemy is covering.

Always remember that the Enemy will try everything it could only to clog the flow of living water from our hearts. Once it is clogged, the Enemy has successfully ‘defused a bomb’ that potentially destroys its activity over a city.

Make sure that the flow of living water in our heart is never disrupted. If we find a problem during our ‘spiritual flow check’, quickly take action! If we need to fast, do it!

In essence, do everything to guard and grow the level of flowing water in our hearts. This flow of living water will make sure that every seed of the word roots, grows, and bears fruit in our life.


Ps. Steven Agustinus