September 24, 2018

It’s been a long time that the ‘individualistic spirit’ has penetrated believer’s life. So that whatever Word comes in their life is always understood for personal interest. No wonder if finally the ‘ministry of Body of Christ’ in local or universal churches are difficult to be materialized. Here are the manifestations of the “individualistic spirit” that is working in the believer’s life:

1. Unwilling to take an action/commitment to be a congregation in a local church.

They came only for to be refreshed, strengthened and enjoyed the reality of God’s presence and then back home doing their own business.

2. They often ‘wander’ to all kinds of churches and mixed the various teachings they received, with one hope that they would become ‘anointed and sacred’ believers.

As a result, their lives get worse and uncertain. Because their lives are like plants that keep moving from one ground to another, finally they definitely die and could never grow as God expected.

3. They like to ask for directions and prophecies from God’s anointed servants for own successful work, so they could live without problems or struggles and also don’t have to be rooted in the Word and local church!

4. They have 1001 reasons to delay/refuse when they receive invitations to unite and function themselves in local church; i.e. busy, didn’t know where and how to start to function, etc.

After I meditate about these things, evidently it is not hard to unite and function ourselves in the agenda of the local church that has built accurately, because the principle is WHEN THERE IS A WILL, THERE WILL BE A WAY!

So if for so long, we have not decided to be a member of the church, didn’t function, didn’t firmly rooted, and didn’t leave individualistic life, it’s because YOU DIDN’T HAVE STRONG DETERMINATION AND WILL TO UNITE AND FUNCTION IN LOCAL CHURCH! So this is what we need to do to overcome ‘individualistic spirit’ and in the same time foster the ‘corporate life’.

a. Ask the Holy Spirit to give us a heart that loves God more than anything.

Because the principle is, to function and unite ourselves in the church is an expression of our passionate love for God which grow strong determination to function in an accurate local church! Remember, if we love Him, we would do anything for Him, without any human considerations. We would voluntarily and joyfully do what is right without delay!

b. Keep on building strong determination to unite and function.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help us grow the determination by imagining how would it be like if we have function ourselves in the accurate local church!

Pray in the spirit and declare every impresion that we receive until our spirit is burning!

c. Devote yourself in every Word from local church leader who has been building himself accurately.

Our perseverance in investigating and examining every Words that is delivered by the spiritual leader in the local church, would greatly determine our ‘unite and function power’ in the agenda of the local church.

The more we devote ourselves, the more we get united (in one spirit, one agenda, one destiny and one understanding with the spiritual leader)

If we have not unite and function, it means we have not devote ourselves! The principles of the Word is so simple : Anyone who devote themselves in tha apostles’ teachings will certainly bring forth fruits (Luke 8:15). So if we haven’t possess the attitude to pursue the Kingdom of Heaven agenda with all of our heart, strength and all, it’s means we don’t have enough perseverance in our devotion! Ask the Holy Spirit to help us devote ourselves! Remember, IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE WILL BE A WAY!!

In this past few weeks, the reasons why believers still holding their individualistic lives and have not optimally function in the local church keeps bugging my mind.

But that 1001 reasons is torn down with one Word from Holy Spirit: WHEN THERE IS A WILL, THERE’S A WAY!!

Yes, exactly. It’s only about our will!! Someone would voluntarily unite and function themselves if they have a will and determination!! #ILoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus