September 24, 2019

I kept meditating about believers’ life in the Babylonian system. It turns out, only a handful of people could play their role there the way Daniel did – they’re truly rare! Because in reality, most believers in Babylon are ‘snared’ and becomes ‘dependent’ on the system instead. They are no longer ‘available’ for the agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven. Even they could no longer ‘worship God’ because they need to work extra due to the demands of their job.


After studying further, I found the 2 most basic reasons:


1. They come to the Babylonian system not as envoys of God’s church, but as people who ‘need’ a job to get money – they think that without money, they can’t live


Therefore, they come as ‘servants of money’ without knowing. As the result, the system of Babylon quickly governs over their lives. Even if they are ‘skillful’, they are rendered powerless by the decisions of the higher-ups. They are ‘forced’ to work harder to make even more money. How tragic.


True, those who follow the demands of the system are honorably titled hard workers; some become ‘successful’ and some even ‘become the best’. But at the same time, their ‘health and family’ becomes the victim. Even worse, their time to fellowship with God is pawned. So, there will always be excess negative effects when someone takes a step forward without being commissioned by the Kingdom of Heaven!


2. The spirit of destiny is not within them


Believers can blindly go into Babylon while ‘not knowing their life’s purpose’ since the start. They may know much (by being taught every subject at school), but none becomes an expert in a certain field. As a result, in the working world, they simply become an ‘average’ people. They follow the flow and the wheel of life that is turning. They don’t have any ‘out of the box’ masterpieces. It’s difficult for their mind to develop because the Babylonian educational system has molded them in such a way.


Daniel is different of course. For 3 years, he was taught in the ways and system of Babylon’s government. However, Daniel worked ‘out of the box’, as can be seen when the king asked Daniel to simultaneously tell and interpret his dream. Daniel accessed the throne room of God as the source of everything in his life.


How could Daniel work in such a way? Because he came to Babylon as someone who knows his purpose (bringing the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven), and he has determined in his heart not to defile himself with the convictions of the Babylonian system.


As long as we still ‘believe in the ways of life and the education system of Babylon’, we’ll always stay ‘average’ and become slaves of the system!


I believe that God’s church will give birth to Daniels who are ready to be commissioned into the system of Babylon to bring in the Kingdom of Heaven. They don’t come as ordinary people; they carry their wholesome identity in Christ; their lives are accurate; they are skillful in their domain; and they’re connected to God’s sovereignty and faithfulness! They are the ones who will make ‘the rulers of this world’ bow down to worship the living God!


That’s why spiritual leaders hold a vital role. Their life will be the ‘mold’ which God will use to ‘reshape’ the life of the congregation. God will keep working through leaders until the pattern of Babylon no longer exists in His people’s life. Only believers whose lives have gone through the process of reshaping until they carry the pattern of Christ could subdue the system of Babylon! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus