September 26, 2019

Daniel is someone who has lived in God’s statutes before entering Babylon. He has loved God more than anything else. The divine pattern in Daniel is truly visible and it can’t be compromised. He has an unshakable conviction to the living God. So, Daniel didn’t enter Babylon ‘half-baked’, but when he was already wholesome; he loves God, lives in divine statutes, having qualifications and skills in his domain, not carrying even the slightest inner conflict, and completely lives in dependence of the Lord!


I observe that many believers don’t enter the ‘workplace’ in a wholesome condition. As a result, they are quickly drowned by the flow of ‘the river of Babylon’ (lifestyle, mindset & heart attitude which contradict God’s word, which ultimately leads to tears, sorrow, and death).


That’s the difference between Daniel and believers these days. He was so mature and solid in his conviction in God when he was within the Babylonian system. He wasn’t shaken or doubtful in expressing his love to the Lord. Meanwhile, believers today still need quite a difficult ‘process’ in transforming their heart inclination, conviction, and lifestyle.


I realized this when seeing the ‘huge gap’ between Daniel and believers in the system of Babylon: if we don’t deal with it with concrete action, then thousands of sermons and Bible study of the Book of Daniel will be ‘in vain’.


This is the concrete action we must take:


1. Remember, Daniel was already wholesome and mature when he entered the system of Babylon.


So, Daniel didn’t start his process in the Babylonian system. He is different compared to most believers in the system today; they are still busy struggling with temptations, finding it hard to worship God because they are ‘super busy’, while also lacking ‘special/above average expertise’. That’s why many believers work merely for money so they can sustain their life – their results are so far from Daniel. We need God’s grace to become like Daniel. We also need time. If we are not earnest in ‘catching up’, we will never subdue the Babylonian system. 


That’s why it is vital to clear the inclination of our heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to shape our heart, so our love is only towards the Lord. No more love of self, money, or this world – only the complete love of God alone!


2. Make sure that we give ourselves in the hand of a spiritual father within an accurate spiritual house (Ps 127:1-5)


Through it, we can fully receive every acceleration and spiritual dimensions needed to rise up as an influential, renowned, and respected person – because God’s presence stays in His house that is accurately built, and then brought by true spiritual fathers! Therefore, we come to Babylon (the secular world) not as job seekers/employees, but as work providers.


Even if we are ‘employees’, we have above average spirit and abilities. Our boss/leader can’t simply see us as someone ordinary; they truly take us into account as a key for their progress. All of that could start when we become arrows in the hand of a warrior (under the leadership of a spiritual father).


3. To live dependently on the power of prayer and God’s word.


Many believers entered Babylon and have their lives drifted/sucked into the system. If they don’t follow the rules, their job is on the line. So, whether they like it or not, they’ll sacrifice the life of prayer and their interaction with the word. Many believers start to forget to pray, don’t set time to read the word, and always give excuses of being tired when they should build their inner man.


As the result, they become separated from God’s sovereignty, slowly but surely. In whatever they do, they start to rely on their own mind and strength. The believers’ lives may keep ‘going up’, but because they are blessed by Nebuchadnezzar – not the Lord! They may become ‘successful’, but they are cut off from the unshakable kingdom!


Meanwhile, God wants us to stay connected to His sovereignty through the power of prayer and His word. So wherever and whenever, God could lift us up through His miraculous ways. Because without His sovereignty, we are ordinary people, but by His sovereignty, we will become witnesses that God is real and He is still working. Whatever position we enter into, we can’t be shaken by anything! Whatever we speak comes from the throne room of God, leading every tongue to confess and every knee to bow before the living God!


I believe, if we do our part right, we’ll have the same result like Daniel: we will rule throughout kingdoms and empires! We will subdue the Babylonian system and all the rulers of this world! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus